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Zoom Goto Tool Tips

Developing Search Criteria

Before utilizing the search tools discussed in this tip document it is beneficial to understand methods for developing search criteria, discussed in Search Criteria for Addresses and Other Map Features, that will improve your desired result success rate.

The Zoom Goto Tool

You can search for specific addresses or map features in MapGuide a few different ways depending upon the information you already have.

The Zoom Goto tool is accessible from within MapGuide through either a toolbar icon (the magnifying glass with right pointing arrow), or through the main map area, right-click menu, zoom option. The Zoom Goto tool provides categories allowing for various search criteria. Zoom Goto categories, some of which are discussed below, can be used to quickly find parcels or addresses as well as other map features.

These searches do not open a new, separate map window nor do they highlight the designated parcel, or other map feature, when the zoom is complete. Instead, the designated parcel or map feature is placed in the physical center of the mapping window. Because, at higher scales, it can be difficult to determine which parcel or map feature is at the exact center of the map window, it is typically preferable to keep the zoom to width option set at a low number such as .25 miles or 1000 feet. Be sure to refer to the specified units when determining the number to use.

Once the Zoom Goto tool is activated the categories below, as well as others, can be selected using the provided pulldown list. Your search success can be greatly increased by your approach through selection of category and choice of search criteria.

  • Parcel Search - the location field input is a valid parcel code. Including only the beginning part of a parcel codes yields a list of options that contain the partial code. For this category if you know the whole code it may be faster to input all nine characters (with no dashes)
  • Owner Name - the location field input is typically a whole or beginning part of a last name followed by first name but there are exceptions, such as inclusion of middle initials or company names which sometime sort by first or other names. Truncating search criteria in this category may make your search more efficient. Only truncate from the end of the string; the beginning must be included.
  • St. Intersection - the location field input is a whole or any portion of one street name. Do not include the cross street. It will show in the output list as a choice you can select.
  • Street Address - the location field input is the whole or a beginning portion of a street address (e.g. 201 N STONE). This option allows you to include very little, such as just part of the address number (which must be included at the beginning), or a complete street address to find your match. Leaving out the trailing street type will provide more inclusive search results and reduce the risk of error.
  • Street Number - This search is essentially the same as the Street Address except it expects the whole address number and nothing but the address number. A list is generated showing all options including the provided street number. If you attempt to include direction or street name information you will probably receive an "unable to locate matching feature" error.
  • Street Name - there are two designations following the street name categories, DSD Situs Address or Street Network.
    • Street Name (DSD Situs Address)
      Inputting a whole or beginning part of a street name in the location field of the DSD situs address designation yields a list of individual parcel addresses on that street or on all streets matching the partial criteria.
    • Street Name (Street Network)
      The street network designation uses a full or any portion of a street name for input but provides output of street segments (portions of a street running from intersection to intersection) and their corresponding address ranges. The desired address range can be selected from the output list centering the zoom of the map around that street segment (rather than a parcel).
      While the "Zoom to Width" distance field is always required, the input value is ignored when used with "Street Name (Street Network)" and a calculated value that centers closely around the street segment is utilized instead. Including any data other than the street name in the "Category" field of this search option may yield an "unable to locate matching feature" error. If numbers are included as input, resulting output may match numeric street names or address ranges that include those same numbers.

If your search is based on parcel code, taxpayer name, or street address, the parcel search tool offers search capability similar to the Zoom Goto tool but from outside of the Zoom Goto tool. The parcel search tool is accessible from both the MapGuide entry page (outside the map) or from within a MapGuide map using the "parcel search" option found on the title bar pulldown menu. Certain "zoom to map" links generated from the parcel search tool will open a new map window in order to zoom to the designated parcel. A parcel located using this tool is highlighted in black making it easy to find on the map. These two distinctions from the Zoom Goto tool can make this tool preferable in some cases.

For information about easily finding the desired Zoom Goto category and additional information on the zoom to width specification please also read Finding Legend Layers and Zoom Goto Categories Quickly in the Tips and Help document.

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