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  • Mapguide Tutorial: Street Reports

    Street Report Description

    Street reports enable you to select any number of street segments and then generate one of the following two reports on the streets you selected:

    • Street Names, Addresses and Lengths displays street names, addresses, and lengths of selected street segments. The total length of all selected street segments is also displayed.

    The reported distances are not exact. You should treat the results as estimates and determine if the accuracy is sufficient for your use.

    Generating a Report

    • Zoom in past 1:50,000 to turn on (or see) the "Streets - All", or "Streets - All - With Names" layers.
    • Select street segments on any one of those layers.
    • Pick the Report tool on the MapGuide tool bar or right-click View, then View Reports.
    • Select the desired street report.

    Selecting Streets for a Report

    There are many ways to select street segments for a report. You can click on a segment to select it. It turns color to indicate it is selected. To select additional segments, hold down the shift key and click on other desired segments to add or remove them from the selected set.

    You can draw a rectangle to select all map objects that fall within that rectangular area. To draw the rectangle, click and hold the left mouse button, drag the mouse pointer diagonally until the rectangle covers the area you want, and then release the mouse button. All map objects that are within the rectangular area are now selected.

    There are several options for selecting objects in the map's right-click menu: Select Map Objects... (by name), Select Radius, and Select Polygon. You can also create buffer areas and select the streets that are within or cross the buffer area.

    Using the shift key, you can combine any of the selection methods to select the streets you want.

    No matter how you select the street segments of interest, pick the Report tool on the MapGuide tool bar or right-click View, then View Reports to generate one of the two street reports.

    You can even select an area like a subdivision or annexation area, and then right-click to Select, Select Map Objects Within Selected Map Objects to select all the streets in the area and get a report on the area's streets.

    For general help on selecting map features, see See Selecting Map Features in the MapGuide Viewer Help but be sure to scroll down on the page to see the most commonly used methods. For a tutorial on creating and using buffers, see the tutorial Creating and Using Buffers. While the buffer tutorial centers around parcels, it works the same for streets.

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