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  • Situs (Property) Addresses


    A parcel's street address is its situs address (situs: n. the place where something exists or originates). Some parcels, particularly commercial parcels, may have more than one situs address.

    With one exception, Pima County Development Services is the addressing authority for all Pima County situs addresses. The exception is the Town of Marana that manages situs addresses within the Marana city limits. The Pima County Assessor's Office keeps track of the parcel owner's mailing address which may differ from the situs address if the owner gets his mail (property tax bills!) at another address. Also, the United States Postal Service (USPS), 911, fire departments, and others keep track of addresses for their own purposes, but they are not official addressing authorities.

    City designations and ZIP codes

    Each situs address has two types of cities associated with the address. A situs address's "Jurisdiction" is the incorporated city that the parcel is in (MARANA, ORO VALLEY, SAHUARITA, SOUTH TUCSON, TUCSON) or unincorporated PIMA COUNTY. A situs address's "Postal City" is the post office or city designation used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for mail purposes.

    The situs address's jurisdiction may be different than the city or post office name used for mail to that street address. For instance, the post office doesn't use PIMA COUNTY in mail addresses, yet PIMA COUNTY is the situs address "Jurisdiction" for parcels in unincorporated Pima County. A good example of this is the Green Valley area which is unincorporated. Situs addresses for the Green Valley area all have a situs address "Jurisdiction" of PIMA COUNTY, yet most of the mail addresses in the area use "GREEN VALLEY".

    Also, some parcel's jurisdictions may not match their mail city or post office. For instance, many parcels in incorporated MARANA have TUCSON mailing addresses. While the post office delivers mail to most situs addresses, they don't deliver mail to all of them. Many situs addresses are either unknown to the USPS or classified as "Non-deliverable" addresses. In short, a situs address cannot be used for mailing in all cases.

    It's important to note that a situs address ZIP code just means that the address is in the given ZIP code. It does not imply that the situs address can accept mail. While the vast majority of situs addresses accept mail, a great many can't. Those that can't accept mail include locations where the occupant uses a post office box instead of a street address, addresses where nobody lives or works, and addresses that simply don't accept mail, such as some addresses where there is more than one address for a parcel. Further, some addresses may require additional information for mailing such as an apartment number or suite that's not included in the situs addresses.

    Street Name Suffixes (Street Types)

    There are different standards for street name suffixes, also known as street types.

    • The Official Address Guide for Pima County, Arizona from Pima County Development Services standardizes street types using two-character letter designations, such as AV, BL, and CI. See the guide for the complete list. A small number of existing street names in Pima County use AL (Alley), PH (Path) and PS (Pass) street types that are not in the Pima County address guide.


    • The Town of Marana Addressing Manual specifies the same two-character street suffixes as Pima County with the addition of AL (Alley), BW (Beltway), PH (Path) and PS (Pass) which are not in the Pima County address guide.


    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) official standard suffix abbreviations are from two to four characters long, such as AVE, BLVD and CIR.

    When searching for addresses on this site, it's best to use the two-character suffix abbreviation or simply omit the suffix.

    Sources of Situs Addresses

    With the exception of Marana as noted above, Pima County Development Services is the addressing authority for Pima County. All Situs addresses reported on this web site originate in either Pima County Development Services or the Town of Marana:

    • Pima County Development Services maintains the data that becomes a GIS address layer known as adr_pima which maps situs addresses. This parcel situs address information is inferred. It does not come directly from parcel records.


    • Pima County Development Services Permits System


    • The Town of Marana


    • Pima County Geographic Information Systems builds a GIS parcel address layer called adparcel. Adparcel is made from the Development Services GIS adcounty layer and the Development Services Permits System. (Pima County Development Services integrates Marana's addresses into the GIS adcounty layer.) Situs addresses are derived for each parcel by GIS overlay analysis of the Development Services addresses with parcel boundaries. While most situs addresses are in both adcounty and the Permits System, each source has some addresses that the other does not have. Using both sources, adparcel has unique entries for all known situs addresses, regardless of the source.

      Address points from adcounty do not represent precise locations of buildings and represent general locations within parcels. Addresses from the Permits System are placed according to latitude/longitude locations specified in the permit system or centered about the parcel centroid if no latitude/longitude location is specified in a permit record. (If there are too may Permits addresses for a small parcel, some points may fall outside the parcel boundary.)

    In addition, there are other resources for address research.

    • Pima County Development Services has added address annotations to their Subdivision Plat Maps that are not on the original recorded document.


    • Pima County Development Services also uses historical city base maps for address research.


    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code Lookup can be used to verify mailing addresses as well as find official ZIP+4 (9 digit) zip codes. It checks against street address ranges rather than discrete numeric street addresses. That is, it recognizes many street address numbers that don't exist in each address range. Addresses officially recognized by USPS may differ from those recognized by Pima County Development Services.


    • The Pima County Assessor's Office keeps track of the parcel owner's mailing address. Unlike situs addresses, the owner's name and address maintained by the Assessor is intended for mailing. It may differ from the situs address if the owner gets his mail at another address. When the owner's mailing address as recorded by the Assessor is the situs address, the mailing address can be used as an indication a valid situs address. That is, when there are multiple, but similar situs addresses, or suspected typos or discrepancies in the situs address, the owner's mailing address can be a helpful indicator of what the owner thinks the situs address is. However, while owner's mailing address may be adequate to deliver tax bills, the address may have typos, may be incomplete, or may not be an official situs addresses recognized by Pima County Development Services or the Town of Marana.

    The situs address "Postal City" names and ZIP codes you see on this web site are derived from our ZIP code GIS layer using GIS overlay analysis They do not come from Pima County Development Services or from United States Postal Service records.

    Assessor's Office Situs Addresses

    The Assessor's Office uses situs addresses to assist with identifying and locating parcels. The Assessor's situs addresses are the same as those we report from Development Services.

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