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  • Viewing AutoCAD drawings

    • Viewing DWG files: see Viewing AutoCAD DWG Files

    • Publishing DWG files: If your web server software supports the generation of automatic directory listings, you can publish your DWG library just by pointing to it's root directory. 

      To serve DWG files, it is usually necessary to configure your web server for the correct MIME type for DWG files. Otherwise, browser plug-ins won't recognize the drawing files. For instance, for Internet Information Server version 4, right-click on the server name to get its properties. Then set the "Associated Extension" to

      and set the "Content Type (MIME)" to

      These are the MIME types recommended by Autodesk for their files:

          .dwg   image/vnd.dwg
          .dxf   image/vnd.dxf

      Other DWG MIME types of image/x-dwg and drawing/x-dwg are in use by some web servers, but they don't appear to be the official registered DWG types.

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