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  • Using Autodesk MapGuide with Macs and UNIX

    The MapGuide Viewer now requires using Internet Explorer on Windows. Macintosh and UNIX users have been able to view the MapGuide maps using the Java Edition of the MapGuide Viewer which is no longer supported by Autodesk. Supporting Java add-on software security updates now return a "Security Exception" error, blocking this option for MapGuide users. There is no way we can fix this.

    The iPhone, iPad, other tablets and phones are not supported by MapGuide and do not display MapGuide maps.

    Options for Mac Desktop and Laptop Users

    1. Pima County's next generation of web mapping system called PimaMaps is browser and operating system neutral.  In other words, it works with Macs, Windows and more.  See PimaMaps to learn more and use our new mapping system!

    2. A good option for Mac users is to actually run Windows and Internet Explorer by booting Windows or using virtual machine software on your Mac. Virtual machine software allows you to install and use the MapGuide Viewer ActiveX Control (not the Java Edition MapGuide Viewer) with all features using Windows in a virtual PC environment.

      Examples of related software for Intel-based Macs include Boot Camp from Apple, VMware Fusion from VMware, or Parallels Desktop for Mac. Boot Camp allows you switch between booting Mac OS X and compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac. VMware Fusion and Parallels enable you to run Windows as a virtual machine under Mac OS X with Windows appearing in a separate window on your Mac OS X desktop. Our users have reported good results using VMware Fusion.

    3. Find or borrow a Windows PC to use. The MapGuide Viewer doesn't require a powerful PC. That old Windows computer from your closet or your friend's closet may be all you need as long as it can connect to the Internet. You should also be able to use the computers at the Pima County Public Library.

    UNIX Platforms

    As with Macs, the Java Edition of the MapGuide viewer no longer works on UNIX platforms.

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