JavaScript is a scripting language that runs in your web browser. (It is also used less commonly on servers and in other applications.)

JavaScript is used to add function and enhancements to the vast majority of web sites, including this site. It is a necessary, important and ubiquitous piece of Internet technology.

JavaScript is included with all common web browsers and is generally enabled by default. You can test to ensure JavaScript hasn't been disabled on your web browser with this JavaScript test page. Sometimes users unintentionally disable JavaScript, causing problems using our web site and others sites too. JavaScript is regarded as safe by design and there should be no need to disable it.

If you are using Internet Explorer and JavaScript is not working with your web browser, JavaScript may have been disabled by setting Internet Explorer security settings too high, although Internet Explorer's default settings should be okay. Under Tools, Internet Options..., Security tab, Internet zone, check that the Default Level is no higher than "Medium" and check to see that there are no Custom Level... settings for ActiveX controls and plug-ins that may have been changed from defaults that would block the installation of the MapGuide Viewer ActiveX control. Also check that the Custom Level... setting under Scripting, Active scripting, has not been set to Disable disabling Javascript used by our site. There may be other non-default settings under Custom Level... that may interfere.

Other web browsers have different settings for managing JavaScript.

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