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  • Legend Layer Order

    With a few exceptions, layers are sorted alphabetically on the Main MapGuide Map within the following groups:

    • Points
    • Lines
    • Completely Transparent Polygons you can see through (Such as Parcels, Section Grid, etc.)
    • Translucent Polygons (or hatched) you can partially see through
    • Solid Polygons (color filled) you can't see through
    • Imagery including orthophotos, USGS Quad Maps and hillshaded relief maps

    While there are layer six groups above, it's usually sufficient to think of three: points, lines and polygons with orthophotos on the bottom.

    A few inconsistencies remain, primarily to keep related layers together in the legend. For instance, sanitary sewer pipes (lines) are included with the three other sanitary sewer point-type features. Also, layers that are just text labels or identifiers are generally just above the corresponding layer. Some layers that should be logically grouped together are separated because the layers are different feature types. For instance "Infrastructure - Pima County DOT - Points" and "Infrastructure - Pima County DOT - Linear" are separated in different groups.

    Since the legend order determines which layers appear "on top" of other layers in the map, we need to retain the point/line/polygon grouping so one layer doesn't unnecessarily cover another layer. For instance, we don't want Jurisdictions to cover the Streets. It isn't possible with current software to eliminate the feature type grouping and have all the layers sorted alphabetically.

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