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  • Finding Legend Layers and Zoom Goto Categories Quickly

    Layers can be hard to find in the legend. There are lot's of them! You may be able to find layers more quickly by typing the first few letters of the layer name. Then the legend cursor moves to the layer starting with what you type. This is a great way to find layers in the legend. You need to do three things to make this work:

    1. As you zoom in more layers become available in the legend. Therefore zoom way in so you can be sure the layer should be in the legend. (You can find the scales layers are available at by looking up the layer using MapGuide Map Data Layer Information but it's easier to just zoom in close.)
    2. The legend needs "focus". That is, you must have clicked somewhere in the legend. (When you click in the map and the map has focus, you see a thin gray line at the edge of the map. When the legend has focus, that gray line on the map is gone.)
    3. You need to type those letters quickly. If you can't type that fast, type the first letter or two several times, pausing after each entry until you see the layer you want. You might try just the first letter of a layer name to see how it works.

    The same approach also works with Zoom Goto Category selection on the map's right-click menu. Instead of scrolling the category list and picking what you want to zoom to, simply type the first letter or letters of the category and it jumps right to it.

    The trick to Zoom Goto is remembering to set the appropriate "Zoom to width" (whether it's in feet of miles) before you zoom. In the case of finding parcels, it's a good idea to set the zoom width very small or close, perhaps .1 miles or 500 feet. This way, your zoom lands right on top of the parcel so you can't miss which one it is. Then use the Zoom Out tool once or twice to zoom the map out to an appropriate view that shows the surrounding area you want to see. If you think you might lose track of the particular parcel when zooming out, select the parcel before zooming out by single-clicking the parcel with your mouse to turn it black. Then you will be able to see the parcel clearly as you zoom out.

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