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  • Printing the Displayed Map

    The usual methods of using the browser's Print button or "File", "Print..." menu options usually doesn't work. Don't even bother trying.

    To print your MapGuide map, move your cursor into the map display window, right-click somewhere within the map area and then select "Print Current View" from the popup menu. The "Print Current View" option in the right-click menu prints the map using the standard Windows printer dialog.

    There is no "Print Preview" option and there is no way to preview your printed map before printing.

    Autodesk MapGuide Print Samples shows examples of what the major print options look like when printed.

    Prior to printing, you can right-click and select "Page Setup..." (just below "Print Current View") to customize some of the printed map's printed appearance by adding or removing a title, legend, scale bar, north arrow, URL address and date/time. The default "Scale plot to fit page" is usually the best choice.

    Most users want the map to fill the printed page. Therefore, on most of our maps, we have changed the defaults so the title, legend, scale bar, north arrow, URL address and date/time are not printed on the map. You can customize your map by turning on one or more of those extra features. These options are under Page Setup... in the map's right-click menu. It's usually best to select the Landscape option in your printer's "Print Setup..." dialog to make the map fit the printed page better. By leaving all the optional print features off and using your printer's Landscape mode, the map fills the printed page.

    If map details don't print well, try using the techniques for Optimizing Orthophotos, Imagery and Map Details.

    If you don't have a color printer, areas filled with color appear as a shade of gray on your printed copy.

    If you have problems printing from MapGuide:

    • Remember to right-click within the map itself and use the "Print Current View" option from the right-mouse-click menu. If you use your browser's Print button on your browser's toolbar or "File", "Print...", it probably won't work.
    • There may be a problem with your printer driver, either an old driver or the wrong driver for your printer. This is a common problem. Check your printer manufacturer's web site for the latest driver.
    • If you can, try another printer, especially a different printer model.
    • Try another PC entirely, perhaps a friend's, to prove that it can work and the problem is in your PC system somewhere. It's highly unlikely that MapGuide printing problems are caused by a problem with our web servers.
    • A few users have reported problems printing from MapGuide with Internet Explorer 8. See Problem Printing from MapGuide with Internet Explorer 8 for more.
    • Depending on your printer, printing maps or other large graphics may require more memory internal to your printer. If you don't have enough printer memory, the map printout may be incomplete, on two pages, or show some kind of pattern over the map. Printer memory is usually more of an issue with printers that print a full page at a time, such as laser printers. Some printers require that you specify the printer memory size in the printer properties device settings to match the printer's installed memory. Make sure these match. You may need to add memory to your printer.
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