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  • Printing to Scale

    MapGuide uses a simple ratio for the viewing and printing scale, such as 1:2400. This means that one unit on the map equals to 2400 units on the ground. For instance:

    • At 1:2400, one inch on the displayed map equals 2400 inches on the ground.
    • At 1:2400, one foot on the displayed map equals 2400 feet on the ground.
    • It's the same for all measurement units (inches, feet, yards, meters, miles, etc....)

    The simple ratio that MapGuide uses means the measurement units are the same for both sides of the ratio. For instance, inches to inches, or feet to feet.

    You may prefer to think of scale as 1 inch to some number of feet rather than a simple ratio, such as 1":200'. That is, inches to feet rather than inches to inches, or feet to feet. In this case, you need to convert your scale to a simple ratio with the same units on both sides. For example, for a scale of 1 inch equals 200 feet, the scale must be converted to have the same units on both sides to make a simple ratio. In this case it's easiest to convert specified feet to inches. Multiply 200 feet by 12 inches per foot, giving an equivalent simple ratio of 1:2400 (1 inch to 2400 inches).

    To print to a specific scale:

    1. Right-click inside the map and select Page Setup...
      • Under Include, turn off any unnecessary map features to give you more room on the printed page for your map.
      • Under Map Size, select Specify scale.
      • Enter simple ratio scale factor for the scale you want to print at (2400 in the above example) and hit OK.
    2. While setting the Page Setup scale makes MapGuide print to that scale, it helps to have the map display scale set to the same scale. If the displayed map scale is significantly different than the print scale, you may have more problems with the displayed map being cropped on the printed page, much smaller than the printed page, or the appearance of the printed map (such as annotation text size) may not be what you expect due to re-scaling the displayed map to the print scale. Therefore, to have a better chance of having your printed map look good, we recommend that you first try to set the map display scale to match the print scale you set in step 1:
      • Right-click inside the map and select Zoom, Zoom scale.
      • Specify the same simple ratio scale factor that you entered in the Page Setup dialog (2400 in the above example) and hit OK.
      • Because changing the map display scale changes the extent of the area displayed on the map, you may want to tweak both the map window size and the map display scale until you see the area you want to print at the desired displayed map scale. If the area you want to print doesn't fit on your screen at the desired scale, then you'll have to zoom out to a scale where it fits on the screen and live with potential appearance issues on the printed map (such as label text being too small or too large).
    3. Right-click inside the map and select Print Current View.
    4. If your printed map isn't at the scale you're expecting, verify that Internet Explorer's Zoom level is 100% by choosing View, then Zoom in Internet Explorer's menu.  Or, press and hold CTRL then 0 (zero) to ensure the Internet Explorer display is at 100%.

    You may see the message "The entire map cannot fit on a single page at the specified print scale. The map will be cropped to fit on the printed page. Do you want to continue printing?" If it won't fit, there is nothing the print process can do to make it fit at your specified scales without cropping. (We're using "Specify scale" rather than "Fit to page" because we want to print at the specific scale without stretching or shrinking.) Calculate how big the printed map extents should be at the specified print scale and adjust the map extents or print scale until it fits on your paper.

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