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  • Request Letter and Sketch Plan Submittal Guidelines

    Request Letter for a Non-Site Analysis Rezoning

    Include the following items for a residential rezoning: 
    1. The proposed use of the property and why the use is needed.
    2. The total number of residential units and lots proposed. Describe what type of housing the property is planned for, ie, manufactured homes, detached site built homes, include the square footage and height of the proposed residential units, if known.
    3. Describe the existing uses on the site, if any and whether the existing uses will be removed, altered or remain.
    4. Discuss how water will be supplied to the property.
    5. Answer whether the property will be served by sewer or septic?
    6. Describe the vegetative qualities of the property and proposed re-vegetation for developed areas.
    Include the following items for a commercial rezoning:
    1. Items 1,3, 4, 5 and 6 as listed above for a residential rezoning.
    2. Describe the total number of lots proposed, number of employees, number of parking spaces and expected hours of operation.
    3. Planned height and square footage of any proposed buildings.


    Sketch Plan Submittal Guidelines

    A sketch plan is a birds eye view of a property which contains sufficient information to understand the scope, impact and development proposal of a property and shall include the following applicable items:
    • Property Dimensions on all sides of proposed or existing lots
    • North Arrow and Scale
    • Proposed driveways, easements
    • Adjacent Street Names
    • Grading Limits clearly marked
    • Location and Setbacks of all existing/proposed structures
    • Square Footage of existing/proposed structures
    • Building Height of existing/proposed structures 
    • Location of existing/proposed septic
    • Required Bufferyards labeled with the width and type
    • Extent of Paving
    • Adjacent properties zoning/use
    • Topography with 1-2 foot contours and areas of Hillside Development Zone (HDZ) which is 15% or greater slopes
    • Areas located within the Maeveen Marie Behan Conservation Lands System (CLS) clearly delineated with proposed mitigation and area calculations of CLS and set-asides


    Example of a Non-Site Analysis Commercial Site Plan or Preliminary Development Plan

    Example of a Non-Site Analysis Residential Sketch Plan

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