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  • Section-based Parcel Maps in AutoCAD DWG Format

    We changed the process for generating these DWG section maps.  The maps now include just four layers: PARCELS, TAX_CODE, STREET_CL (street centerlines) and trsLayer (section boundaries). Tax codes are the complete 9-character codes.


    Parcel section maps are available for download over the web in AutoCAD DWG format. Parcel section maps can only be downloaded one at a time. There is no bulk-download facility, nor are they available using FTP.

    Before downloading Parcel section maps, read the Disclaimer which applies to use of the Parcel section maps. See the Parcel Map Description for an overview.

    Each map covers one Public Land Survey System (PLSS) section. The Surveying System in Pima County is an explanation of how townships and sections are numbered.

    Parcel section maps in DWG format can be located using Township, Range and Section or by using PimaMaps.

    Download by using Township, Range and Section 

    Download using PimaMaps

    • Open the PimaMaps Location Grids group in the layer list and check the "PLSS Section Grid" layer.
    • Click a displayed section in the map and choose "More Information" in the displayed PLSS Section Grid map tip.
    We want your feedback and corrections. Please contact us using the Send Feedback link on the right.
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