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  • Overlapping Data in a MapGuide Layer

    Pima County Geographic Information Systems - Overlapping Data in a MapGuide Layer

    overlapThis page explains overlapping map features within one map layer. Also see Overlapping Layers in MapGuide for overlapping layers that are on top of each other.

    Some Improvement Plan areas in this sample map overlap. You can guess which ones, but do you know for sure? 

    There is no way to know and identify the mapped plan areas without selecting the area of interest and getting a report. You'll be surprised to see what overlaps -- and what doesn't.

    You can experiment with overlaps using the Improvement Plan MapGuide Map. Be sure to zoom in to see the "Improvement District Plans - Pima County" layer

    How do I get information for overlapping map features in one map layer? - The short answer:

    First, be sure MapGuide's selection mode is set to "Intersection". (Right-click in the map area, choose Preferences..., pick "Intersection" in the Selection Mode area and pick OK.)

    1. Pick MapGuide's default Select tool MG Select on your MapGuide map toolbar.


    2. Hold down the left mouse button, drag out a rectangular area containing your area of interest, and then release the mouse button. This selects all map features within or touching the rectangular area you specified. (In some cases where map features overlap, they may not change to the "selected" color.)


         Drag      Release 
        select by area   select by area


    3. Select the report for your map layer using the map tools drop-down list in the title frame at the top of the map .


    4. Arrange the report window and map window side-by-side, then select corresponding map features on the MapGuide map using cursor up/down keys or by rolling the mouse over the report.


         Report      Map 
        report select   report select

    Background and Details You Should Understand


    See Key Points for Review to check or refresh things you need to know when working with layers with overlapping map features in MapGuide.


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