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  • Pima County, PAG, and Metropolitan Pima Alliance launch web-based economic development aid

    Apr 06, 2017 | Read More News
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    Pima ParcelsIn the highly competitive world of economic development, sometimes speed can make the difference between landing a prospect or being passed over.  

    Companies looking to relocate or expand, or the site selectors representing them, need to know what a community has to offer. The size of available parcels, zoning, utilities that serve (or can serve) a site and nearby transportation networks are some of the first things a company needs to know. 

    In an effort to rapidly and seamlessly provide this and much more vital data to expansion and relocation prospects, Pima County and our regional partners have developed PimaParcels.com, a web-based map that compiles all the information in one place using the vast wealth of information included in the county’s GIS system. 

    “This is a great tool for site selectors to use when making decision with their clients about large-scale projects,” said John Moffatt, Director of Pima County Office of Economic Development. “In consolidating this information in one location, we can place data vital to the decision-making process directly before those who most need it and eliminate the need to conduct time consuming research.”

    The Pima Parcels map pulls in publicly available information from Pima County’s GIS system as well as information from other public sources to provide a one-stop resource. The result is a visual representation publicly and privately owned parcels 100-acres in size and larger. 

    Users can zoom in for greater detail on each parcel, including address, size and ownership. The site also can generate reports on the individual parcels for greater detail. 

    The site is a collaboration of Pima County, the Metropolitan Pima Alliance, Pima Association of Governments and its member jurisdictions, Sun Corridor Inc., and several utilities, including Tucson Water, TEP and Trico. 

    “Pima Parcels represents everything MPA is about- collaboration,” said Amber Smith, CEO of Metropolitan Pima Alliance. “This product is the result of forward-thinking public-private partnership that can be put to great use for the benefit of the entire community. This tool will help public officials and the community make future planning decisions while compiling in one place property information that’s critical for economic development when making decisions about expansions and relocations.” 

    About Metropolitan Pima Alliance

    MPA is an alliance of business, government and non-profit organizations. MPA’s goals directly relate to improving our region’s quality of life and economic vitality and to that end, MPA strongly believes in the positive participation and contributions of the private business sector working in collaboration with local jurisdictions. Land development is the foundation of economic development and our role in the community is to advocate for balanced residential and commercial land use policies that stimulate economic development and reasonably preserves our natural environment.

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