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  • Selecting Map Features Within Other Map Features

    This selection method is in the right-click menu under the Select section and is called “Select Map Objects Within Selected Map Objects”. It sounds complicated but it’s not too bad if you think it through and take one step at a time…

    Let’s say you want to select all the map features within a subdivision, or within one or more big parcels, or within a polygon you draw with the drop-down tool Draw Polygon tool. In these cases “Select Map Objects Within Selected Map Objects” is just the ticket.

    Let’s assume you want to find all the map features in a subdivision:

    1. Zoom in to the area of the subdivision.
    2. Turn on the Subdivision layer.
    3. Turn off the parcels so you can pick on the subdivision polygon to select the subdivision polygon.
    4. Single-click on the subdivision area to select it. (If you want to find features in more than one subdivsion, hold the shift key down and single-click on one or more additional subdivisions.)
    5. Turn on the desired layers that you want to select inside the subdivision area if not already on.
    6. Right-click in the map, choose “Select”, then "Select Map Objects Within Selected Map Objects".
    7. A list of selectable layers is displayed. Choose the layer of interest layer that you want included in the report and click OK. (In rare cases you may want to select multiple layers. Hold the shift key to pick each layer.)
    8. The subdivision polygon selection is cleared and only the map features within the subdivision are selected.
    9. Pick the report from the "Map Tools & Map Info." drop-down list in the map title frame to see the report of all the selected features in the subdivision.

    Remember “select within” works with any polygon or polygons, not just subdivisions. If you create the polygon with the Draw Polygon tool, it works much like right-click Select, Select Polygon except that the polygon you draw is saved on the map and is a layer in the legend.

    This subdivision example is also a situation where you may prefer the Centroid selection mode rather than Intersection selection mode. The subdivision geometry and the geometry of your layer of interest may not be perfect and may have sliver overlaps at the edge of the subdivision. If you get unwanted features selected at the edge of the subdivision, switching to Centroid selection mode will eliminate these unwanted features by only selecting map features whose “Centroids” (geometric center points) are within the subdivision.

    Another way to deal with a few unwanted stray selections is to hold the shift key down and pick them one at a time to remove them from the selection set.

    You may also want to read Selecting features within other map features in the MapGuide Viewer Help.

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