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  • ArcGIS 8.x ArcToolbox Project Wizard and Projection Parameters

    This description and procedure isn't necessarily complete, but has been found to be very useful to those having problems projecting our GIS library data.

    Start the project wizard.

    "Select coordinate system" for the output. For our GIS library standard:

    • Select...
    • Open "Projected Coordinate Systems"
    • Open "State Plane"
    • Open "NAD 83 harn"
    • Select "NAD 1983 HARN StatePlane Arizona Central FIPS 0202.prj"

    After selecting the target coordinate system:

    • Choose Modify...
    • Change the "Linear Unit" as necessary. When converting to our NAD83 HPGN AZ Central Zone International Feet, choose "Foot" and verify the "Meters per unit" field says 0.3048 which is correct for International Feet. (Foot_US has more digits: 0.304800609601219 and is not correct for our library.)

    When prompted for "Select the geographic transformation(s)", choose "Set transformation...".

    • Leave "Convert from:" and "Convert to:" alone.
    • Under "using:" it wants to know the "method" or software to use.

      • For NAD27 UTM to NAD83 HARN (HPGPS)
        • Choose NAD_1927_To_NAD_1983_NADCON
        • For "and using" choose NAD_1983_To_HARN_Arizona

      • For NAD83 UTM to NAD83 HARN (HPGPS)
        • Choose NAD_1983_To_HARN_Arizona


    Continue until the projection process runs.

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