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  • Supervisors approve tentative FY 2018 budget

    May 23, 2017 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Board of Supervisors in a series of separate votes adopted the tentative budget for Fiscal Year 2018, which begins July 1. The tentative budget sets the expenditure limit for next year and can’t be raised at final budget adoption, currently scheduled for June 20. In adopting the tentative budget, supervisors gave initial approval to a plan to impose a transportation primary property road tax to fund road repairs in neighborhoods. 

    In approving the tentative $1.26 billion budget, the board set the tentative tax rates for the county’s primary property taxes, the Library District, the Flood Control District, and the rate for debt service. It also adopted the Stadium District’s tentative budget and tentative budgets and tax rates for myriad improvement districts. The proposed total combined tentative county tax rate for FY 2018 is $5.9784 per $100 of net assessed value. The proposed road repair tax is a subset of the primary property tax.  

    road repairThe Pavement Preservation, Roadway Surfacing and Repair Plan calls for a 25-cents per $100 of assessed value primary property tax, which would be reserved solely for pavement preservation and road repairs. The proposed tax would raise more than $19.5 million in Fiscal Year 2018. County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry proposed allowing the tax to remain in place for five years, raising an estimated $100 million. 

    The intention of the County Administrator’s five-year plan is to fully offset the 25-cent special property tax with cuts to the main county property tax. However, for Fiscal Year 2018, the full 25-cent rate couldn’t be offset due to unavoidable personnel costs in the Sheriff’s Department’s budget, including mandatory payments to the public safety retirement pension fund. 

    With the offset in mind, the board’s tentative budget reduces the primary property tax rate by 8 cents, the Flood Control District rate 2 cents and the Library District property tax rate 1 cent. That reduces the impact of the 25-cent road repair property tax rate increase on the combined county property tax rate to 14 cents per $100 of net assessed value. The budgets for Flood Control and the Library District will be made whole with funds from the departmental reserves. 

    If the Board in June adopts the new combined tax rate, the owner of the median-valued home in Pima County would pay an additional $18.47 in annual property taxes.

    Since the proposed 25-cent primary property tax would be levied countywide, the plan calls for funding to be used equitably across Pima County. The County Administrator’s proposal had left up to the board how roads in the municipalities would be prioritized for repair, the board, however, asked county staff for a more specific plan before final budget adoption in June. 

    The tentative budget includes $576 million for the County’s General Fund, which funds most county operations, including the Sheriff’s Department, the various courts, parks and recreation, employment and training services, public health, and housing. 

    Review the County Budget and supporting documents. 

                                  2018 Tentative Budgets and Tax Rates
     Type  Budget  FY 2017 Rate  FY 2018 Rate  % Change
     General Fund  $526 million  $4.2896  $4.2096  -1.86%
     Roads  $19.5 million  n/a  $0.2500  n/a
     Flood Control  $17.5 million   $0.3335  $0.3135  -6%
     Library  $42.2 million   $0.5153  $0.5053  -1.94%
     Debt Service  $134.8 million  $0.7000  $0.7000  0%
     Total  $1.26 billion  $5.8384  $5.9784  2.39%

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