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  • County urges heat safety as temps climb

    May 26, 2017 | Read More News
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    heat safety messageAs Memorial Day arrives, so does the heat and Pima County Departments are teaming up to remind everyone to stay safe this summer.

    Every year, heat illness leads to about 300 emergency room visits in Pima County. “Many of us that live here in the desert might feel like they aren’t at risk, but that isn’t the case,” said Dr. Francisco Garcia, Chief Medical Officer for Pima County. “It’s important for both visitors and locals to remember how dangerous this climate can be if they don’t protect themselves or their families.” 

    Heat illness is caused when our bodies begin to overheat and can lead to heat stroke – a dangerous condition with symptoms that can be fatal. This summer, Pima County Departments have teamed up to distribute the following safety tips at many of your favorite attractions, places of recreation and County service buildings.

    Drink lots of water and stay in
    • Drink water before you feel thirsty 
    • Drink 1-2 liters per hour when outdoors
    • Spend the hottest times of the day inside (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

    Play early and relax often
    • Plan any outdoor work or activities for the early morning
    • Return from outdoors by 10 a.m. and avoid strenuous activities if possible
    • Have healthy meals, even if only small portions
    • Take small breaks in the shade often to let your body cool down

    Protect your skin from the sun and mosquitos
    • Wear loose long sleeve clothing, pants, and a wide brimmed hat
    • Use sunscreen with a high SPF on exposed skin (30 SPF or higher)
    • Put on mosquito repellents with DEET after applying sunscreen

    The very young, very old and people with medical conditions are at even greater risk for heat illness. Please take the following additional precautions:
    • Never leave children, pets, or those requiring special care inside a parked car.
    • If you are taking psychiatric medication, avoid heat exposure. Such medicines increase the risk of heat stroke.
    • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs; they make heat illness worse. 
    • Check to see that neighbors, especially older people, have sufficient cooling and essential supplies.

    “The main goal is to remind people to enjoy our County facilities and spaces safely,” said Steve Anderson, Program Division Manager for Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation. “Hikers should take extra care – hike when it’s cool, turn back when you are half way out of water and make sure you phone battery is fully charged in case of an emergency.” Smart steps like these, says Anderson, can help trail users beat the summer heat.

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