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  • Employee Assistance Program

    For more information, please call: 1-888-238-6232

    For Traumatic Events Services for Public Safety Employees, please call: 1-800-291-2741

    Aetna Resources for Living
    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided through Aetna.

    Pima County offers employees confidential & no cost counseling for personal, family and employee related problems.

    What is EAP counseling?

    EAP counseling is a no-cost benefit where you may access a counselor for any problem that is affecting your personal and/or professional life.

    Employees and family members: You may see a counselor for up to ten (10) sessions per problem.

    Public Safety employees: You may see a counselor for up to twelve (12) sessions for a traumatic event.

    How soon will you see someone?

    You will see a counselor within a few days of calling - usually within 5 business days. If your situation is an emergency you may access a counselor immediately by phone and within 24 hours in person. You may request that the EAP representative help schedule your appointment for you.

    Is your visit confidential?

    No one at your job will know that you have seen a counselor, unless you tell them or ask a counselor to call your employer. Under these circumstances you must sign a release asking the counselor to communicate with your supervisor.

    Are counselors professional?

    All counselors have master or doctorate degrees and are certified or licensed to provide services. All provide comprehensive assessment, short-term counseling and referrals. 90% of the time, your counselor will be able to help you resolved your issue without referring you to your insurance provider. Occasionally your issue may need to be addressed by a physician, psychologist or specialist outside your EAP coverage.

    Who is eligible?

    EAP is available to all active Pima County employees.  This program also covers your spouse, significant other (living in the home) and children living in the home. If you are not sure, call Human Resources or Aetna.

    Helpful Resources

    Aetna Resources for Living

        EAP Services All Employees: (888) 238-6232 
        Website: EAP 
            Login: Pima
            Password: County



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    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.

    2019 Pima County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP)

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