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  • Supervisors to create citizens committee to study possible sales tax to fund local road repairs

    Jun 20, 2017 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on June 20 to create a Citizens Advisory Committee to review and consider a Countywide half-cent sales tax to fund local road repairs and offset primary property taxes. 

    Supervisors The proposed half-cent sales tax would generate an estimated $69.8 million annually if enacted for Fiscal Year 2019. County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry recommended the Board consider applying $19.5 million of a potential sales tax proceeds to the local road pavement preservation program, which currently is supported through a separate 25-cent primary property tax (details of that plan are available here). The sales tax would negate the need for the additional primary property tax.

    The remaining $50.3 million in sales tax collections, under Huckelberry’s proposal, would be applied to general governmental expenses and to reduce the existing primary property tax rate. Such a proposal would result in a $0.6437 reduction to the primary property tax rate, reducing the rate from $4.2096 to $3.5659. 

    The County estimates a half-cent sales tax would result in the average-income household paying about $90 more per year in sales taxes. Coupled with the proposed reduction in primary property tax rates, however, the owner of the average-valued home in Pima County would pay about $105 less in property taxes. That would result in a potential overall tax saving for many average-income households of $15 per year. 

    (Read the County Administrator’s memo on the proposal here.)

    The County Administrator intends to provide for the Board a detailed plan for creating the Citizens Advisory Committee and setting public meetings to present the sales tax proposal to the public.

    Any vote on a Countywide sales tax would occur following the Citizens Advisory Committee meetings and the Committee’s recommendation to the Board. That likely would not occur until March 2018. 

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