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  • New Years Resolution: Pima Animal Care Center shares tips on tackling pet obesity

    Jan 14, 2013 | Read More News
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    Just because pets don’t have to squeeze into skinny jeans doesn’t mean they should get a pass onDog Walk staying physically fit and active.

    When pets are too heavy for their frames, it can put stress on their hearts, organs and joints, and trigger assorted health issues.

    “An active and engaged pet is a happy pet,” said Justin Gallick, the shelter manager for Pima Animal Care Center. “Proactive pet owners can often help their pets stay healthier longer.”

    Tips for keeping Fido fit:

    • Skip the table scraps. And try healthy snacks, such as carrots or snap peas, instead of calorie-dense treats.
    • They’re not perfect, but cats tend to be better at monitoring their food intake. Dogs may keep eating, even if they’re full, so take care to measure out the appropriate amount of food at feeding time.
    • Burn some calories and mix it up. Throw a Frisbee or a ball. Climb the park bleachers. Throw a few pieces of individual kibble into a small grassy area to challenge your pet to cover some ground and sniff out rewards. And don’t forget the importance a daily walk has on canine well-being.

    Tips on keeping Snowball slim:

    • Find fun ways to keep your kitty moving. Laser lights or even two flashlights can be used to entice your kitty into movement. A cat wand toy moving like a bird can help your feline channel her inner predator (even if all she’s normally hunting is a place on your lap.)
    • Some cats enjoy taking a walk on a leash. Give it a shot – especially if they’re young.
    • Toss some dry kibble to opposite sides of the room so kitty chases them. Just be sure to ask your vet for an appropriate treat that isn’t full of calories.

    Pima Animal Care Center relies heavily on volunteers to keep our pets active and happy. If you’re looking for a pet, or away to help out, connect with us at