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  • Coming soon to Pima Animal Care Center: Bach, not barks

    Jan 28, 2013 | Read More News
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    Pima Animal Care Center would like to thank the community for donating sufficient funds to purchase a new PACC dogsound system that will allow the shelter to play calming classical music.

    “Best practices demand improving the quality of life for animals at our adoption center, and it’sbeen established that music does indeed have a soothing effect on animals,”said Shelter Manager Justin Gallick.

    Gallick noted that animals are already stressed about being in a new environment, with unfamiliar noises, a large number of new animals and a great deal of foot traffic. That stress often leads to barking and other symptoms of anxiety. Lower stress levels likely will translate into better behavior, increasing the likelihood that pets will find new families.

    Pima Animal Care Center Manager Kim Janes said he is deeply grateful that the community – within the span of a few short weeks – raised $10,000 to help provide the type ofenvironment that the animals deserve.

    Janes cautioned that the system won’t be up and running right away, since it still has to go through the design process to ensure it will be equipped to serve the facility long into the future, even as technology advances.

    The successful winter drive followed an effort in the fall that raised enough funds to put elevated dog beds in every kennel.

    For those looking for a pet to warm up their homes, Pima Animal Care Center has many great pets in all sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. Please connect with us at