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  • PACC saves puppy dumped in truck bed at Park Place Mall in 105-degree heat

    Jun 22, 2017 | Read More News
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    With a heat wave upon Pima County, Pima Animal Care Center officials are responding to an increased volume of calls about pets who are outside and in distress. One of these pets – a young puppy named Zoey, who was dumped on June 17 in the truck bed of Good Samaritan Kim Scanlan at Park Place Mall in the 105-degree heat – has inspired Scanlan to take action to help pets like Zoey by matching all donations, up to $2,500, to PACC’s Medical Fund. 

    ZoeyWhen mall shoppers spotted Zoey, a young black puppy, lying in the bed of an unattended pickup truck, they called Tucson Police Department, who enlisted Pima Animal Care Center to help. PACC Field Services Officer Danielle Hinte arrived on the scene where witnesses told her the puppy had been in the truck bed for over an hour, with no water or shelter, and just a few bits of old carne asada and chiles left behind for her to eat. 

    When Kim Scanlan left the mall to return to her truck, she said she was shocked to see TPD and PACC vehicles surrounding her truck. The owner of Baja Café, Scanlan and her staff are avid supporters of pet rescue. It was determined that the puppy had been dumped in her truck bed while she was eating inside the mall.

    “It was so hot and she was curled up under the tool box trying to avoid the sun. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen,” Scanlan said. “I knew I had to do something to help. Even though I couldn’t take Zoey home with me, I could donate to help save pets like her.” 

    The puppy was immediately placed in an air-conditioned kennel and brought back to PACC, where she was closely monitored by PACC medical team for signs of heat exhaustion. Once she received a clean bill of health, Zoey went into foster care.

    “Baja Café’s generous donation match will help PACC save dozens of pets just like Zoey who have been left in the heat to fend for themselves,” said Karen Hollish, director of marketing and development at PACC. “While Zoey’s story is very upsetting, we are turning this incident into a positive situation.” 

    During the summer, PACC can take in multiple pets every day who are suffering from heat exhaustion; on June 20, when temperatures hit 115 degrees, PACC officers responded to a dozen such reports. These pets require IV fluids and intensive monitoring from PACC’s Medical Team. On behalf of Zoey, Scanlan and PACC are urging the community to take these following measures:
    • Bring your pets inside, and ensure they have access to clean water at all times;
    • Limit your dogs’ outdoor access to bathroom breaks, or early morning or late evening walks;
    • Test the temperature of the pavement with your hand before walking your pet on the potentially hot surface;
    • Never leave your pet in your vehicle in this weather;
    • Immediately take pets to an emergency vet if you suspect they are suffering from heat exhaustion;
    • Call PACC’s Pet Support Center, (520) 724-7222 if you need help caring for your pets
    Baja Café is matching all donations, up to $2,500, to the PACC Medical Fund, so that PACC can continue to protect and save pets like Zoey. To make a tax-deductible contribution to the match, visit PACC's donation webpage, call (520) 724-5984, or send a check made out to “Pima Animal Care Center” to 4000 N. Silverbell Rd., Tucson, AZ 85745.

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