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    Online Presentations and Quizzes


    Each month, read the online presentation packed full of pertinent health and wellness information and complete a quiz to help you learn more about special health topics. Topics covered in these presentations include general health and wellness, safety, personal finance, exercise, nutrition, and more.

    Who can participate? All Pima County employees
    Delivery: Online
    Duration: 10 -15 minutes each presentation
    5 - 10 minutes each quiz
    How to get started:

    Download and read the presentation then take the online quiz. A new quiz will be posted by the 5th of each month. If you need assistance with a paper version of the quiz, please contact Employee Wellness.

    Incentive: Earn 5 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points for completing each quiz.





    March 2020
    • Better Safe - Colorectal Cancer: The Importance of Screenings
    • Day In Day Out - World Sleep Day
    • Take Charge - Multiple Sclerosis: Myelin Sheath Breakdown
    • To Your Health - Down Syndrome: Celebrating an Extra Chromosome

    March 2020 Presentation

    March 2020 Online Quiz

    April 2020
    • Better Safe - Improving Alcohol Awareness: Understanding the Impacts
    • Day In Day Out - Dealing with Distracted Driving: The Dilemma of Distracted Driving
    • Take Charge - Raising Awareness on Hemophilia: Hemophilia Day is April 17
    • To Your Health - Making Humor a Habit: Why Humor Can Benefit Your Overall Health
    April 2020 Presentation April 2020 Online Quiz 
    • Better Safe - National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month: How to Care for Yourself and Others with Asthma & Allergies
    • Day In Day Out - Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Staying Safe in the Sun
    • Take Charge - High Blood Pressure: Identifying and Managing High Blood Pressure
    • To Your Health - When It's Time to Quit: Giving Up Tobacco
    May 2020 Presentation May 2020 Online Quiz
    June 2020
    • Better Safe - COVID-19 Important Resources & Updates
    • Day In Day Out - Difficulties Engaging in the Social World: Is It Autism?
    • Take Charge - Stuttering: More Common Than You Think
    • To Your Health - Mix in More than Cardio! The Benefits of Balance, Stretching, & Strength Training
    June 2020 Presentation June 2020 Online Quiz
    July 2020
    • Better Safe - What You Need to Know About Vaping
    • Day In Day Out - Should We Be Quick to Fast? A Closer Look at Fasting Diets
    • Take Charge - Making Sure You Have Safe Fun in the Sun
    • To Your Health - Caring for Your Cognitive Health
    July 2020 Presentation July 2020 Online Quiz
    • Better Safe - How to Keep You & Your Family  Safer on the Road
    • Day In Day Out - When You Can't Communicate: A Look at Aphasia & Its Impact
    • Take Charge - Stay Connected, Stay Healthy
    • To Your Health - A Closer Look at Yoga: And Its Impact on  Health & Well-Being
    August 2020 Presentation August 2020 Online Quiz
    September 2020
    • Better Safe - Is Your Cocktail Hour Turning Toxic?
    • Day In Day Out - Struggling to Sleep? Don't Let Sleep Apnea Steal Your Sweet Dreams
    • Take Charge - Know Stroke, Know the Signs, Act In Time
    • To Your Health - How to Exercise from Home and Enjoy It!
    September 2020 Presentation September 2020 Online Quiz
    October 2020
    • Better Safe - What Everyone Ought to Know About Protecting Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    • Day In Day Out - Succeed Over Fall Allergies
    • Take Charge - Mental Illness Awareness Week: You are Not Alone
    • To Your Health - The Common Cold: And How To Deal With It
    October 2020 Presentation October 2020 Online Quiz
    November 2020
    • Better Safe - Could it Be a Concussion? What to Look for & What to Do
    • Day In Day Out - Managing Chronic Conditions During COVID: How to Stay on Top of Your Health During a Crisis
    • Take Charge - Diabetes: What You Need to Know
    • To Your Health - Making the Most Out of Face Masks During an Epidemic
    November 2020 Presentation November 2020 Online Quiz
    December 2020
    • Better Safe - Supplement Safety
    • Day In Day Out - Is Caffeine Ok?
    • Take Charge - Making Time for What Matters
    • To Your Health - Staying Healthy One Handwash at a Time
    December 2020 Presentation December 2020 Online Quiz
    January 2021
    • Better Safe - What You & Your Loved Ones Need to Know about Stalking
    • Day In Day Out - Are You Suffering from Rosacea? Identifying & Treating this Common Skin Condition
    • Take Charge - Keeping Your Blood Pressure in Check
    • To Your Health - Gaining Clear Sight on Glaucoma
    January 2021 Presentation January 2021 Online Quiz
    February 2021
    • Better Safe - Burn Awareness Week
    • Day In Day Out - Go Red for Women Day February 5, 2021
    • Take Charge - Organ & Tissue Donation
    • To Your Health - Making an Impact on Rare Disease Day
    February 2021 Presentation February 2021 Online Quiz

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