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  • TAC members select chairwoman, agree to biweekly meeting schedule

    Aug 02, 2017 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting Aug. 1 at the Abrams Public Health Center at 3950 S. Country Club Road. 

    TACThe newly appointed board has been tasked with setting priorities for how to spend the $19.5 million a new 25-cent primary property tax. The Board of Supervisors approved the tax, which is reserved for local road repairs, with the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget. County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has proposed the tax would be levied for five years.

    The Transportation Advisory Committee also will provide input on the overall transportation budget, transportation infrastructure projects, capital improvements and transportation policy.

    Much of the meeting consisted of explaining the scope of road repair needs the community faces. 

    In the unincorporated area of Pima County, Department of Transportation officials estimate as many as 790 miles of roadway has fallen into poor or failed status. 

    Committee members also heard descriptions of the construction and composition of asphalt-paved roadways. Transportation staffers described how asphalt roads can deteriorate from sun exposure, water damage and heavy usage. The general lifespan of roads also was described. 

    The discussion also covered how the various asphalt treatment options can extend the life of a roadway before a full reconstruction is needed. While the Committee will be tasked with recommending the local roadways to be repaired, the Department of Transportation will determine the appropriate treatments.  

    Transportation Advisory Committee members also learned the different roadway classifications, from highways, arterial, collector and local roads. The pavement improvement program the Committee oversees focuses on local roadways, which include streets in residential neighborhoods as well as some larger thoroughfares connecting neighborhoods. 

    In addition to hearing from County staff about the duties of the Committee, members also learned their obligations under Arizona’s open meeting laws, the costs of various asphalt treatments and the basics of the Department of Transportation budget.

    The Committee selected Lucretia Free as chairwoman. Free is District 4 Supervisor Steve Christy’s appointee and District 4 Southeast Regional representative. 

    Amber Smith and Bob Gugino were selected vice chairs. Smith is District 3 Supervisor Sharon Bronson’s appointee and CEO of the Metropolitan Pima Alliance. Gugino is District 5 Supervisor Richard Elías’ appointee and an attorney and real estate developer.

    The Committee also discussed future meeting schedules and frequency. The next meeting will be Monday, Aug. 14, at noon. The Committee has initially agreed to meet every two weeks. Once completed, a schedule of meetings, along with agendas and documents, can be found here.  

    All meetings are expected to be held at Abrams Public Health Center at 3950 S. Country Club Road. 

    The Committee’s recommendations for local road repairs in the incorporated and unincorporated areas are expected to be finalized in October. That recommendation will go to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. 

    The Department of Transportation plans to begin work on the approved local road repair projects by November. 

    Transportation Advisory Committee members:

    District 1 
    • Reggie Drout - A retired UPS employee and Northwest side resident.
    • Christopher DeSimone - Has a business consulting company and hosts a local radio program. 

    District 2
    • Dan Eckstrom - A former member of the Pima County Board of Supervisors and former mayor of the City of South Tucson.
    • Eric Ponce - Vice president of operations at New Image Building Services and resident of the Town of Sahuarita. 

    District 3
    • Amber Smith - CEO of the Metropolitan Pima Alliance who has served on many boards and committees. 
    • Rick Price - A real estate investor and CEO of R.B. Price and Company Inc. 

    District 4
    • Lucretia Free - Publisher of the Vail Voice, Tanque Verde Voice and Southeast Regional representative for District 4. 
    • Sergio Arellano - Member of the Continental Elementary School District Governing Board, former Arizona State Liquor Commission member and current District 4 representative for Sahuarita and Green Valley.  

    District 5 
    • Dan Castro - Associate planner for Rick Engineering Company and chairman of the City of Tucson Road Bond Oversight Commission. 
    • Bob Gugino - An attorney and real estate developer.

    County Administrator
    • John Bernal - Retired Deputy County Administrator and former Director of Pima County Department of Transportation.
    • Tony Paez - Former director of Pima County Department of Transportation and Tucson Department of Transportation. 
    • Curtis Lueck - Retired transportation planning and traffic engineer in both public and private sector. 

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