• Internships provide students with opportunities to apply their academic and problem-solving skills to real-life work experiences in the field of public health. For students seeking future job opportunities with the county, this experience is invaluable in providing skills and training to effectively compete for positions. This internship program also provides potential opportunities to network with experts in the public health community. In addition, students are given the opportunity to develop a meaningful project in their field of study and receive academic credit for their work. 
  • Volunteering allows professionals and recent graduates the opportunity to contribute to the public health sector and indirectly make a difference in the health of the Pima County community. In addition, volunteers report sharing their time and talents to solve problems, strengthen community impact, learn new skills, take on challenges, connect with others, and learn about the inner workings of the government and public health sector.  

What Volunteers Are Saying

"If you're looking for an impactful way to better the Tucson community, this is the best team you could hope to work with! One of the single greatest benefits to public health was the advent of vaccines. Unfortunately, the recent anti-vaccination trend is jeopardizing the health and safety of many Southern Arizonans. Our team has been working hard to discover some of the reasons why people choose not to receive vaccinations nor vaccinate their children. As someone who was relatively unfamiliar with public health, this project opened my eyes to the challenge our community faces from this threat. I was able to learn an extraordinary amount due to the trust and support of my colleagues on this team. Truly, they valued every suggestion and opinion I had from the very beginning. However, I worked very hard to prove my worth; not only because the caliber of person on this team is very high, but because our community deserves the very best. It has been a truly enlightening experience that I know will enrich the lives of all of us desert-dwellers."- Alec Bennett Perrera. University of Arizona UBRP (Undergraduate Biology Research Program) Graduate, 2017.
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