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  • Arizona Border Counties Coalition

    ABCC 2019 SUMMARY 

    An Affiliation of Cochise County • Pima County • Santa Cruz County • Yuma County 

    The Arizona Border Counties Coalition (ABCC) was created in 2017 and it consists of one representative from each participating County selected by the participating County’s Board of Supervisors. The role of this coalition is to help move local, state, and federal legislation and regulation forward that help advocate and/or accelerate economic development opportunities in southern Arizona with a specific focus on policies and issues that affect the quality of life and economy along the border. 

    The ABCC’s mission is to advance economic development opportunities along the Arizona-Mexico border as well as identifying disproportionate fiscal cost transfers to the Border Counties. 

    January 10: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    Meeting Guests: 
    • Mark D. Napier, Pima County Sheriff 
    - Law enforcement struggling to adapt – cost with recovering bodies, bones, etc. 
    - Trends on drugs – methamphetamines, etc. 
    - Need to talk more about traffic going south – guns, money, etc. 
    - Pima County will not be a 287(g) 
    - Need to improve economy and facilitate trade 
    - CBP/Border Patrol relationship with Pima Sheriffs is good – staying in “our lanes” 
    - Stonegarden Grant needs to be written better – is not fully reimbursing us 
    • Juan Ciscomani, Senior Advisor for Regional & International Affairs, Office of Governor Ducey
    - AMC celebrating 60th Anniversary this year – all invited to attend this year’s summit in Phoenix. 

    February 14: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    Meeting discussion topics included:
    • Caravan 200-300 migrants p/day 
    • Tomato Suspension Agreement 
    • DeConcini POE needs to be reconfigured 
    • Mariposa POE cold storage 
    March 14:** ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    Meeting discussion topics included:
    • Staffing at Arizona Ports of Entry 
    • Roy Villareal is the new Border Patrol Chief for the Tucson Sector 
    April 11: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    Meeting discussion topics included:
    • Brief group on previous meeting with AZ DHS 
    **Meeting was held prior to the regular monthly ABCC meeting with ABCC Representatives and County Administrators with AZ Dept. of Homeland Security to review the Stonegarden Grant Modifications points on letter sent on 2/14/19. 

    May 9: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    • Wendy Smith-Reeve, Deputy Director/Director, Division of Emergency Management, AZ Dept. of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) 
    June 13: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    • Erik Lee, Executive Director, North American Research Partnership (NARP) 
    Meeting Discussion Topic:
    • Overview and update of the USMCA 
    August 9: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Santa Cruz County, Nogales, AZ 
    Agenda Guest: 
    • Fr. Sean Carroll, Executive Director, Kino Border Initiative/Iniciativa Kino para la Frontera o 669 asylum seekers waiting in Nogales, Sonora currently 
    Meeting Discussion Topics:
    • 144 Cubans waiting now 
    • 1/3 are children 
    • 2  months wait at POE 
    • Remain in Mexico policy a concern – assaulted, extorted, etc. 
    • KBI bought old factor 19,000 sq. ft. 
    October 10: ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Pima County, Tucson, AZ 
    Meeting discussion topics included:
    • Next month meeting Yuma County 
    • Change ABCC monthly meetings to Friday for 2020, easier for everyone 
    November 15: ABCC Monthly Meeting in Yuma County, San Luis, AZ 
    Meeting discussion topics included: 
    • Stats for the Yuma County San Luis crossings from the Greater Yuma Port Authority (GYPA): 
    - July 2019 
    - Commercial: 2,564 
    - Private vehicles: 221,231 
    - Pedestrians: 163,209 
    - August 2019 
    - Commercial: 2,575 
    - Private vehicles: 234,824 
    - Pedestrians: 164,893 
    - September 2019 
    - Commercial: 2,536 
    - Private vehicles: 224,540 
    - Pedestrians: 190,186 

    - Private vehicles volumes for 2019 
    January 262,181 
    February 236,710 
    March 253,230 
    April 226,457 
    May 234,679 
    June 218,228 
    July 221,231 
    August 234,824 

    Top Imports: 
    1. Peppers, asparagus, squash, etc. ($116.7 million) 
    2. Cell phones, related equipment ($44.3 million) 
    3. Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks frozen or chilled ($35 million) 
    4. Insulated wire, cable ($31.8 million) 
    5. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. ($30 million) 
    6. Amplifiers, speakers, microphones ($29.7 million) 
    7. Lettuce and chicory, fresh or chilled ($25.6 million) 
    8. Value added to a returned import ($19.4 million) 
    9. Misc. engines and motors, parts ($17.9 million) 
    10. Vehicle audio systems ($16.3 million) 

    Top Exports: 
    1. Fresh apples, pears ($44.4 million) 
    2. TVs and computer monitors ($28.8 million) 
    3. Cell phones, related equipment ($27 million) 
    4. Electric generating sets, rotary converters ($26.8 million) 
    5. Commercial vehicles ($19.9 million)
    6. Paper cartons, office box files, etc. ($11 million) 
    7. Civilian aircraft, parts ($10.8 million) 
    8. Motor vehicle parts ($7.14 million) 
    9. Plastic boxes, containers ($6.7 million) 
    10. Tractors ($6.6. million) 


    February 14: 
    ABCC sent letter to Governor Ducey and Secretary Nielsen Re: Federal Operation Stonegarden Grant Modifications, which included the following points: 
    • Mileage Reimbursement 
    • Indirect Cost Reimbursement 
    • Equipment Use 
    • Local Law Enforcement Priority 
    • Expanded Function and Mission 
    *Received response letter on 3/12/19 from the AZ Department of Homeland Security 

    June 25: 
    ABCC Letter to the Arizona Congressional Delegation Re: Support of USMCA 
    *Received response letters on 7/24/19 from Sen. Sinema and on 8/8/19 from Rep. O’Halleran 

    September 4: 
    ABCC sends letter to GSA Osmahn Kadri, NEPA Project Manager Re: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Plans to Construct Truck Inspection Facilities at the Arizona Ports of Entry 

    October 18: 
    ABCC sends letter to Chairman Ned Norris, Jr. of the Tohono O’odham Nation Re: Invitation to attend or join the ABCC. 

    October 24: 
    ABCC sends letter to Gilbert Orrantia, Director of the AZ Department of Homeland Security Re: New Indirect Cost Recovery Policy 


    August 9: ABCC in Santa Cruz County. 
    Toured the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, AZ. 
    The ABCC Monthly Meeting held at the Bowman Senior Residences in Downtown Nogales, AZ. 

    November 15: ABCC in Yuma County. 
    Toured the San Luis Port I 
    Toured the San Luis Port II
    ABCC Monthly Meeting held in Yuma County Library in the San Luis, AZ. 


    Cochise County is divided into three districts:
    • Ann English, District 2, Chair
    • Peggy Judd, District 3, Vice Chair
    • Tom Crosby, District 1  
    County Administrator: Richard Karwaczka 
    County office HQ: Bisbee, AZ 
    Founded: February, 1, 1881 
    Population 131,346 (2010 Census) 
    Area: 6,219 sq. miles 
    Congressional District: District 2– Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick 
    Miles with border: 80+ miles 

    Pima County is divided into five districts:
    • Sharon Bronson, District 3, Chair
    • Rex Scott, District 1 
    • Matt Heinz, District 2  
    • Stephen W. “Steve” Christy, District 4
    • Adelita Grijalva, District 4 
    County Administrator: Jan Lesher 
    County Office HQ: Tucson, AZ 
    Founded: November 9, 1864 
    Population: 980,263 (2010 Census) 
    Area: 9,189 sq. miles 
    Congressional Districts: District 1 - Rep. Tom O'Halleran, District 2 – Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, and District 3 –Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva 
    Miles with border: 130+ miles 


    County Supervisors (3 Districts):
    • Bruce Bracker, District 3, Chair
    • Manuel Ruiz, District 1, Vice Chair
    • Rudy Molera, District 2 
    County Manager: Jennifer St. John 
    County Office HQ: Nogales, AZ 
    Founded: March 15, 1899 
    Population: 47,420 (2010 Census) 
    Area: 1,239 sq. miles 
    Congressional District: District 3 – Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva 
    Miles with border: 50+ miles 


    County Supervisors (5 Districts):
    • Marco A “Tony” Reyes, District 4, Chair 
    • Martin Porchas Stuart, District 1 
    • Jonathan Lines, District 2 
    • Darren Simmons, District 3 
    • Lynn Pancrazi, District 5 
    County Administrator: Ian McGaughey 
    County Office HQ: Yuma, AZ 
    Founded: November 9, 1864 
    Population: 195,751 (2010 Census) 
    Area: 5,519 sq. miles 
    Congressional District: District 3 – Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva 
    Miles with border: 100+ miles 
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