RWRD Preliminary Sewer Layout

HB2212 Required Language for Pima County Permit, License, and Application Forms


Administrative Review Requirements

Application package shall consist of:

  • PDF of project plans sealed by an Arizona Registered Professional
  • Type II capacity request
  • Name of development and developer
  • Parcel number(s)
  • Adjacent streets and developments
  • North arrow & scale
  • Small location map

Substantive Review Requirements

  • Plans must conform to RWRD design requirements
  • Current and proposed conditions such as topography, property boundaries, easements, hardscape, utilities (water, gas, etc.), and manhole rims and inverts, along with pipe slopes. Show existing conditions less prominently than proposed development
  • Existing and proposed pump/lift stations and force mains
  • Public sewer easements
  • Proposed landscaping near public sewers
  • For commercial/industrial projects provide wastewater fixture unit equivalent calculations, shown in tabular form. Include the number, size and location of all proposed and existing water meters
  • Point of connection of new systems to the existing systems, the manhole rim and pipe invert elevations of the existing and proposed public sewers
  • Calculations to justify system integrity (i.e. sewer depth) and scour analysis (i.e. wash crossings)
  • Metering and/or sampling manholes as needed per Pima County Ordinance No.1991-140


  • Applicant  emails application package to, provides FTP link or USB drive (if site addressing is desired, it can be combined in this request)
  • If corrections are required, Pima County will follow-up directly with applicant
  • Prior to approval, Pima County will email applicant invoice
  • Upon applicant payment of invoice, Pima County will email applicant approved plans and copy municipality
  • If municipality is requesting modifications to plans following Pima County approval, applicant is responsible for following up with Pima County regarding changes affecting approved sewer design
  • Process for unincorporated County is imbedded in corresponding concept instrument
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