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  • Property owners to see tax statements in mail this week

    Sep 11, 2017 | Read More News
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    Pima County property owners should have started receiving property tax statements this week. 

    The County will mail about 451,000 property tax statements between now and Sept. 22. Statements will have some changes from previous years, the result of an additional primary property tax included with the Board of Supervisors passage of the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget. 

    Tax rates for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 are as follows (all rates are per $100 taxable net assessed value):
    • Primary (General Fund) - $4.2096
    • Primary (Roads) - $0.2500
    • Regional Flood Control – $0.3135
    • Library - $0.5053
    • Debt Service - $0.7000
    • Total - $5.9784
    Most property owners will also see categories for city, school, fire and improvement district property taxes, depending on the jurisdictions where they live.

    The combined property tax rate for Fiscal Year 2017-18 represents a 14-cent increase over last year, which includes the additional primary property road tax to fund the Board-adopted Pavement Preservation, Roadway Surfacing and Repair Plan. 

    The Board minimized the tax impact of the Pavement Preservation, Roadway Surfacing and Repair Plan through reductions to the primary and secondary property tax rates. Combined reductions to the General Fund primary, Regional Flood Control and Library District property taxes totaled 11 cents. 

    The 25-cent per $100 of taxable net assessed value primary property tax to fund the Pavement Preservation, Roadway Surfacing and Repair Plan will raise approximately $19.5 million Tax statementin the first year.  County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has proposed the tax remain for five years to raise $100 million for road repairs. After the first year, the plan is intended to be tax neutral, with the 25-cent property road tax rate offset each year by additional decreases in the General Fund primary property tax rate.

    The Pavement Preservation, Roadway Surfacing and Repair Plan will fund repairs for neighborhood and local roads throughout the County, including incorporated areas. The property tax for funding local road repairs will be divided in two ways for next year. 

    The first portion, called base funding, will come from 11 cents of the new special tax rate and raise about $8.6 million. This portion would be offset by reductions to the primary, Regional Flood Control and Library Districts property tax rates. 
    • The $8.6 million in base funding will be distributed based on the following formula:
    • Distributed equally according to the assessed value of all County jurisdictions;
    • The County’s portion of assessed value will be divided by miles of roads in each supervisory district;
    • The municipalities will receive a share determined by the percent of population of the portion of each supervisory district in each city or town. 
    The remaining 14 cents of the new 25-cent property road tax will fund the second portion, called accelerated funding, and raise about $10.9 million. 

    The $10.9 million accelerated funding portion will be divided by percentage of assessed value of each jurisdiction, with specific project allocations determined by the Board of Supervisors based on recommendations received from the new Transportation Advisory Committee.

    The 14-cent increase to the overall combined property tax rate equals an additional $18 in annual taxes for the owner of a $131,899 home, which is the median-valued home in Pima County. 

    Read more about Pima County’s Transportation Advisory Committee here and the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget here. Find information on you statement and current property tax rates here. 

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