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  • Financial Transactions


    The Financial Transactions division is responsible for managing user access, security, and system interfaces; validating application enhancements and interface transactions; and maintaining the organizational structure and system integrity for the Advantage, Planning and Budgeting, Maximo, and other County finance-related systems.

    Description of Services

    The Financial Transactions division acts as the functional and security system administrator of the Advantage, Planning and Budgeting, Maximo, and other County finance-related systems. As the functional and security administrator, the division:

    • Provides centralized accounting and budgeting support to all departmental users.
    • Maintains the financial organizational and chart of account structures.
    • Validates and balances transactions within the Advantage system and between the other financial systems, as well as those other system which interface to Advantage.
    • Creates and tests accounting system functions to validate the debits and credits, posting codes, event types, and other accounting elements.
    • Manages the accounting within the financial applications required to process both budget and actual transactions for various accounting periods and fiscal years.
    • Maintains user access, security title, and security role assignments.
    • Maintains the financial application security and accounting document workflow structures.

    Program Goals and Objectives

    • To effectively maintain Pima County's Chart of Accounts in the financial systems.
    • To process changes to security roles in the Advantage and Planning and Budgeting applications.
    • To reconcile all system interfaces between financial systems. 

    This division is located at 97 E. Congress St., 3rd floor, Tucson, AZ 85701.

    Division Staff

    Staff Members Position
    Richard Orozco Division Manager
    Justin Lynn Supervisor



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                Finance and Risk Management

                97 E. Congress St.
                Tucson, Arizona 85701

                (520) 724-3126

                Unpaid invoices or payments received, call (520) 724-3126

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