Wellness Tips

Monthly Wellness Tips provided by our benefits and wellness vendors.

January 2021

Wellbeing Insights January 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Reflect and Recharge (Aetna)
The Oral Health Expert - January 2021 (Delta Dental)

February 2021

Find Inspiration (Aetna)

March 2021

Find Inspiration (Aetna)
The Oral Health Expert - March 2021 (Delta Dental)
Free Cooking Classes for those 55+ on April 20th/May 18th (American Heart Association)

April 2021

Mindstretch Yoga Classes (Aetna)
Wellbeing Insights April 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Virtual Fitness Classes (Health On Broadway)

May 2021

Wellbeing Insights May 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Build Inner Strength (Aetna)
The Oral Health Expert - May 2021 (Delta Dental)

June 2021

Wellbeing Insights June 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
The Oral Health Expert - June 2021 (Delta Dental)

July 2021

Resources for Living July 2021 Newsletter
Wellbeing Insights July 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
The Oral Health Expert - July 2021 (Delta Dental)

August 2021

Wellbeing Insights August 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
The Oral Health Expert - August 2021 (Delta Dental)

October 2021

Fall Family Foods-10 Quick and Easy Recipes to Cook and Eat Together
Wellbeing Insights -October 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Resources for Living - October 2021 Newsletter

November 2021

Resources for Living -November 2021 Newsletter
The Oral Health Expert - November 2021 (Delta Dental)

December 2021

Wellbeing Insights - December 2021 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Self-Care Inspiration Calendar - December 2021 (CBIZ)
Resources For Living - December 2021 Newsletter 
Colon Cancer Screening Flyer
The Oral Health Expert - December 2021 (Delta Dental)
The Oral Health Expert - December 2021 (Delta Dental) SPA

January 2020


February 2020


March 2020


April 2020

WELCOA COVID-19 Employee Education Packet contains 20 resources to support your wellness needs including health, meaning, safety, connections, achievement, growth and resiliency. In this toolkit you will find content in the following sections.

  1. Establishing an New Normal for Home
  2. Establishing an New Normal for Work
  3. Managing Anxiety
  4. Social Distancing and Connection Care
  5. Physical Activity at Home
  6. Nutritious Food
  7. Rest and Play
  8. Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence In a Pandemic
  9. Financial Well-Being
  10. Managing Expectations
  11. Finding Balance
  12. Connection, Empathy and Compassion
  13. Setting Up Your Home Office
  14. Being an Influencer for Good
  15. Gratitude
  16. What's Going Well?
  17. It's Okay to Not Be Okay
  18. Boosting Your Immune System
  19. Medical Consumerism During a Pandemic
  20. Mindful Mini Breaks

May 2020

Wellbeing Insights May 2020 (CBIZ)
Return to Work Toolkit (Aetna)

June 2020

Strength In Health - Men's Health Matter (Aetna)

July 2020

Work It Out: Reduce Your Risk for Diabetes (Aetna) Grow Healthy Together: Prevent Type 2 Diabetes as a Family (Aetna)

August 2020

Wellbeing Insights August 2020 (CBIZ)
Keeping Kids Healthy Back to School Immunizations (Aetna)

September 2020

Live in the Moment - Making Social Connections and Friendships (Aetna)
Suicide Prevention Guidebook for Parents (Aetna)
The Oral Health Expert - September 2020 (Delta Dental)

October 2020

There for Her - Supporting Those with Breast Cancer (Aetna)
Resources for Living October 2020 Newsletter (Aetna)
Wellbeing Insights October 2020 (CBIZ)
The Oral Health Expert - October 2020 (Delta Dental)

November 2020

Wellbeing Insights November 2020 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Antibiotics Are Not Always the Answer (Teladoc)
November 2020 Resources for Living Newsletter (RFL)
The Oral Health Expert - November 2020 (Delta Dental)

December 2020

Wellbeing Insights December 2020 Newsletter (CBIZ)
Caring Starts with You - Healthy Caregiver Tips (Aetna)
December 2020 Resources for Living Newsletter (RFL)

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