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  • Relocated Family Employment Program

    Contact Us

    To get started, please contact us at (520) 724-7622, or simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.

    The Relocated Family Employment Program is a new approach to helping employers to relocate employees to Pima County.  The program serves so-called "trailing" spouses, including military spouses and others who are seeking employment because their spouse or parent was transferred to the Tucson area from another locale.

    If this describes your situation, Pima County One-Stop offers a rich array of resources to help you. One-Stop will assign a member of our Business Services Team as a coach to work with you throughout the transition. The coach will meet with you to learn about your needs and any other members of the family who are seeking employment.

    By identifying these needs upfront, the coach can provide research and information to the family ahead of time - helping with the adjustment process. Making contact ahead of time may help alleviate some of the uncertainty of moving.

    Activities will be tailored to your needs to create a support network of help as you settle in to a new community.  Once a career path is identified, the coach will research and help with networking within that career field.  Often, people new to the community do not know what employers are a part of the community and where opportunities are.  The coach will help with identifying employers and facilitating interviews, where possible.
    Please complete this Career Relocated Employment form to request assistance.
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    Security Measure

    Support Benefits:

    • Career coach available to support the spouse/partner in finding employment in the new location, starting before the move, if possible.
    • Career coach provides career and skills assessment to identify strengths and skill set.
    • Customized job and labor market research personalized and customized for the individual job seeker.
    • Resume critique and development
    • Interview coaching
    • Job leads and notifications of job fairs
    • Career coach will also help identify other possible resources that may help the spouse to gain skills to be more marketable.
    • The coach will work with local employers to form a network of employers that will review the resumes of the “trailing” spouse.  May possibly include introducing the individual to industry groups for their skill sets.
    • Helping the job seeker to understand industry associations where it may benefit them to join in order to network.
    • Helping the job seeker to learn about employment opportunities within Pima County
    For more information about Pima County One-Stop check out http://pimaworks.com

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