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  • PACC seeks two-week homes for 50 dogs exposed to canine pneumovirus

    Oct 17, 2017 | Read More News
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    Pima Animal Care Center needs community members willing to provide two-week housing to about 50 dogs exposed to pneumovirus. With the community’s help, PACC officials can prevent this virus, which in itself is only an upper respiratory illness, from turning into pneumonia. 

    On Oct. 17, PACC had close to 100 dogs in need of temporary homes. Thanks to the community's support, PACC only has about 50 pneumovirus exposed dogs left.

    “We have about 50 dogs who are healthy, but have been housed in the same kennel area as a dog that got sick,” said PACC Director of Animal Services Kristen Auerbach. “This means these dogs are facing two to three weeks of strict isolation if we cannot find alternative housing for them.” 

    PACC dogCommunity members interested in taking in one of these dogs should visit PACC’s shelter during business hours, noon to 7 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends, and let staff know they want to house a dog exposed to pneumovirus.

    Visitors will visit the tent area, where PACC’s housing all its pneumovirus exposed dogs, and select a pet to take home. To expedite the process, staff will process paperwork on the spot once dogs have a temporary housing commitment.

    When the two-week period ends, caregivers can bring the dogs back to PACC for adoption. 

    After several months of attempting to contain the virus to isolation areas, PACC officials determined the best way to end this outbreak is to move all exposed dogs out of the shelter. To do this, PACC is recruiting temporary caregivers who either have no other dogs or can keep the exposed dogs separated from owned dogs for five days. In addition, caregivers would need to avoid dog parks and pet stores, which are places where contagious respiratory illnesses can spread. 

    “We just need 50 people in our community to help and we can solve this. It’s only a two-week commitment and will mean the world to a shelter dog who otherwise faces isolation in a kennel in our tent area for the next 14 days,” Auerbach said. 

    Exposed dogs range from a tiny, senior poodle mix to a Chihuahua to a young, German shepherd and everything in between. PACC needs temporary homes for all of them. 

    For more information on housing a pneumovirus exposed dog, community members can email Liz.Cardarelli@pima.gov or Samantha.Nellis@pima.gov or call PACC's Pet Support Center at (520) 724-7222. For other ways to help PACC pets, visit PACC’s website.