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Ruthrauff/Gardner Lane UPRR Improvements

Study status:  Design underway, Union Pacific Railroad coordination is on-going


This project is the first of the drainage infrastructure improvements recommended by the Ruthrauff Basin Management Study. This project is divided into two separate pieces. The northern piece we call Ruthrauff South/Highway Drive. The southern piece we call Gardner Lane. 

Ruthrauff South/Highway Drive will collect flows along Highway Drive and Wetmore Road and direct the flows to a drainage channel to be constructed parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. The existing spur at the northern end of the project is expected to be abandoned and new culvert pipes inserted beneath the UPRR adjacent to the existing culverts. This expanded capacity will help alleviate the ponding that currently exists in this area. 

Gardner Lane will involve construction of a new culvert beneath the UPRR tracks and a collector channel along Gardner Lane. Driveway culverts or drains will be incorporated as necessary.

For more information contact:
Janice Hughes, PE, Civil Engineer
(520) 724-4600

Scope of Work

The first part of this project is a concept design to be submitted to UPRR for their approval of the proposed encroachment into railroad property. Additional permits from ADOT and utility relocations will be required for both portions of the project. 

Both designs are under contract and progressing. 

Construction on the Gardner Lane project is expected to begin in 2021 with construction on the Ruthrauff South/Highway Drive project to follow. 


A public meeting discussing this and the other recommended projects from the RBMS was held November 16, 2016 at the Ellie Towne Flowing Wells Community Cneter. Additional mailings and outreach will be forthcoming as the project progresses.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Janice Hughes, PE, Project Engineer, Pima County RFCD at 724-4600 or Janice.hughes@pima.gov.