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  • Approved Products

    On November 22, 2017 the Board of Supervisors approved additional pavement performance standards. The new standards are effective for all new local and minor collector streets for which a right-of-way permit is issued on or after December 22, 2017.  The new standards are  as follows:

    Section 4.17 Pavement Design

    New public subdivision local and minor collector streets constructed of asphaltic concrete shall be surfaced with a slurry seal or treatment as follows:       
    • The product shall contain fiber-reinforced minimum 3% polymer to asphalt content by weight or the product shall be a high density mineral bond containing a non-ionic emulsion base
    • The product shall contain minimum 50% solid content
    • The product shall be applied at a minimum rate of 0.36 gallons per square yard (dual application) per manufacturer recommendation
    • The product shall be appropriate to the expected traffic load and volume
    • The product shall have an expected performance timeframe of at least 5 years
    • The product shall be applied following the construction completion of at least 75 percent of homes impacting the street system in a given development phase or block per manufacturer recommended timeframe following pavement construction and prior to County acceptance into maintenance.  Alternatively, a performance bond may be provided to County acceptance, for an amount 10% greater than the seal or treatment cost estimate. The work covered by the performance bond shall be completed a maximum of 10 months following acceptance into maintenance. 
    • The product shall be on an approved list posted to the Pima County Website (products believed to meet these criteria should be submitted to Pima County Transportation for approval and inclusion on the approved list)

    Approved Products List:

    • SealMaster Liquid Road
    • Holbrook Asphalt HA5