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  • Friends of PACC recap the shelter's top 10 saves of 2017

    Dec 26, 2017 | Read More News
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    It’s that time of year again to remember all the wonderful pets saved at Pima Animal Care Center. On Saturday, Dec. 23, the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center began recapping the stories of the lives of 10 remarkable pets saved at PACC's shelter in the Top 10 Saves of 2017 series. 
    As the County’s only shelter that helps every pet presented to it for care, PACC prides itself on being able to give second chances to thousands of pets who have been hurt, mistreated, injured, found as strays or relinquished by their owners. Thanks to the work of dedicated staff, more than 1,000 active volunteers, 55-plus rescue partners and thousands of donors, PACC is able to provide these pets the love, attention and medical care needed while they find new loving homes. 


    #10: Meet Piper, who has learned to overcome her fear of cars

    Piper’s story began in the back of a pickup truck—tethered (illegally) so she couldn’t jump out. As her owner drove, hitting a few bumps in the street, Piper soon found herself falling out of the vehicle and dragged down the road at a high rate of speed, her paws scraping along the asphalt.


    #9: Meet Hoggle, who was saved from a busy intersection and reunited with his owner

    Hoggle was one of more than 1,800 lost pets reunited with their families in 2017.



    #8: Meet Wendigo, who learned to love after years of no affection

    In 2017, PACC responded to 10 hoarding cases and in each case impounded more than 20 animals, like Wendigo, from the residents.



    #7: Meet Zoey, who's now training to pay it forward and help those in need

    Zoey was found in the back of a pickup truck during one of Tucson's hottest months of the year.



    #6: Meet Carl, who helps keep spirits high among the pets and staff at PACC

    Saved by PACC, this little rat now helps other shelter animals reinforce their natural instincts.



    #5: Meet Leia, who found a renewed sense of hope at the shelter

    She was surrendered to PACC severely underweight, in pain, with sores and fur loss. 



    #4: Meet Sooey, who can breathe easy again thanks to PACC

    After a successful surgery, PACC repaired Sooey's cleft palate and more.


    #3: Meet Max, who was reunited with family thanks to his adopter

    After months in the shelter and foster, he was adopted and reunited with his brother.

    Zonata#2: Meet Sonata, who's not too big to be a lap dog

    Admired by many, but passed on for having a tumor, Sonata finally met her match.



    #1: Meet Valentine, who found love again after months of hardship

    Love prevailed for Valentine and her owner who were separated for nearly 10 months after she went missing on Feb. 13, 2017.