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  • Save #10: Piper's paws make a comeback

    Dec 23, 2017 | Read More News
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    Piper beforePiper’s story began in the back of a pickup truck—tethered (illegally) so she couldn’t jump out. As her owner drove, hitting a few bumps in the street, Piper soon found herself falling out of the vehicle and dragged down the road at a high rate of speed, her paws scrapping along the asphalt.

    She continued to be dragged behind the truck until concerned motorists signaled for Piper’s owner to pull over. Her life was saved, but extensive damage was done—portions of her nails, paw pads, and paw tissue had been ripped away. 

    The emergency vet care was too expensive for her owner so Piper found herself surrendered to PACC. As a one-year-old aftershepherd mix, Piper was able to heal quickly with proper medical attention. Soon, her new owner Jackie, adopted Piper.

    Now, seven months later, Piper is the picture of perfect health! She’s completely healed, although damage from the incident has resulted in fur no longer growing on some of her paws.

    But as Jackie says, “We love her anyway; we all have scars.”

    Still a puppy at heart, Piper has discovered some new things in life to love—kids, other dogs, and the swimming pool! She is full of energy and always looks for a friend to play with, including the household’s 11-year-old black lab. She never passes up the chance to chase a tennis ball into the pool.

    While she was afraid of getting in the car at first, Piper has learned that her past experience is behind her. Now when it’s time to get in the car, Piper is overcome with excitement—she knows that it means it’s time to run and play with new friends at the dog park. 

    If you plan to travel with your pets this holiday season—or at any time of the year—be sure to keep them safe, too! Remember, in Pima County it’s illegal to tether pets to the bed of a truck. While it’s legal for them to be untethered, it’s also very unsafe for your furry friend.