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  • Save #8: Wendigo learns to love

    Dec 25, 2017 | Read More News
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    wendigo beforeWendigo had an uphill battle when she first arrived at PACC. Brought in as part of an animal hoarding case, she was not well socialized, to say the least. 

    In fact, no one could get near her without her becoming vicious, biting at hands and hissing at everyone that walked by. No one was willing to adopt her. 

    As the rest of her impound was adopted off over several months, Wendigo was left behind. After seven months at PACC, room was needed in her enclosure and the decision was made to move her to a kennel.

    afterBut Clara wasn’t willing to give up on Wendigo. When she first arrived at PACC, she noticed that Wendigo’s kennel had bite warnings all over it. When it was suggested they use a net to move Wendigo from the kennel to Clara’s cat carrier, she asked for just a moment to work with her. 

    Wendigo must have known that Clara was going to give her a forever home. Wendigo was moved to the carrier without the use of a net—and without biting anyone!

    Her time at home with Clara has been life changing. After just a few days, Wendigo started to let Clara pet her while she ate. Within a week Clara would approach her and extend her hand without Wendigo hissing. Today, Wendigo sleeps on the bed with her and loves being pet. 

    Thinking back about Wendigo’s journey, Clara says, “There was ‘BITER!’ written in big red letters on her paperwork. But no more of that. All purrs now.”

    “She is my shadow, and is friendly with everyone that comes to my home.”