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  • Sonata proves she's not too big to be a lap dog

    Dec 30, 2017 | Read More News
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    SonataThe four-day Black Fur-Day adoption event in November gave 247 animals a new start at life. For Zonata—a Husky and German Shepherd mix found roaming the streets in Tucson’s south side—it just didn’t look like things were going to work out.

    Zonata did everything right. She showed off her good looks. She was friendly with families. She won over so many hearts.

    But she also was flagged as possibly having a Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT), a rare but very contagious disease (to other dogs) that would require chemotherapy. This was enough for families to walk away.

    But for the Grants, a family that stopped by on the last day of Black Fur-Day, Zonata couldn’t be passed up.

    Staff and volunteers at PACC suggested they participate in the “Foster to Adopt” program, allowing Zonata to receive chemo treatment (if needed) at PACC at no cost until the adoption was finalized. The Grants agreed and Zonata officially became their foster dog.

    Luckily, Zonata—who later became Sonata once she transitioned to life with her new family—had a biopsy that came back negative. And after a few growing pains, she is starting to find her place with the Grants.

    A truce has been made with the household’s cat and their other PACC rescue dog, “Blackie.” And she’s already attached to the two teenage boys—going on runs, sleeping on the bed, and sitting on any unoccupied lap.  

    “I guess no one told her that she is really too big to be a lap dog,” said Sonata’s adoptive mom. “And she is lapping up all the love and affection she can get.”