treatPeople with HIV are living long, happy lives with the help of treatment. Despite there being no cure for HIV, it is not a “death sentence” either. This is because of the advancement in clinical care. If you are a person living with HIV, the resources below can help you live a healthy life.

If you have recently been diagnosed HIV positive, there can be a lot of information. Read through Diagnosis Day 1 to find out what you should do next.

Find treatment in Pima County:

El RIO – Special Immunology Associates (SIA)
1701 W. St. Mary's Rd.
Tucson, Arizona 85745
Tara Radke -Director of Special Populations Programs
Education: No
Testing: CD4 Counts, PCR Viral Load testing, and HIV Confirmatory 
HIV Services: Medical, mental health and substance abuse services for patients living with HIV/AIDS

University of Arizona
Peterson Clinic – UMC Hospital
1501 N. Campbell
Tucson, AZ 85724
Intake -520-626-8598
Shannon Smith – Program Director

South Campus – Kino Hospital
2800 E. Ajo Way
Tucson, AZ 85713
Intake -520-626-8598
Michael Sandoval – Clinical Coordinator
Education: Arizona AIDS Education & Training Center 
Alyssa Bittenbender – Program Director 

Testing: CD4 Counts, PCR Viral Load testing, and HIV Confirmatory Testing
HIV Services: Comprehensive Medical Services, Partner Services, medication & ADAP Assistance 

Aside from clinical treatment, it is important to keep a few other things in mind to help you maintain good health.
Finding strength all around you here

Partner Services Program

It is important to share your status with your partners. This allows your partners to be aware for their need to get an HIV test and know their own status. Some people are unaware of their status and may not know that they are spreading the virus to other people. If you are scared or unable to comfortably speak with your partners the Pima County Health Department offers Partner Services to anonymously contact your partners for you. 

Everyone who tests positive for HIV in Pima County is offered this service. You will be contacted by a member of the Partner Services team and they will discuss any issues or needs for a smooth transition to medical and counseling services & to discuss the status of your partners. They will then reach out to your partners to get them testing services.

Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected. None of your medical or personal information will be shared with anyone who is contacted. It is important to notify partners to help prevent new infections in Arizona!

If you would like to speak to a member of our Partner Service team, contact Manuel Amarillas at 520-724-3959.

Other resources:

Read more about HIV, treatment, and advancements at 
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Stay up-to-date on HIV news
Health Department HIV/STD Program

Theresa Lee Health Clinic
332 S. Freeway
Tucson, AZ 85745
(520) 791-7676