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  • Watchable Wildlife in Pima County

    From hawks to deer to turtles, Sonoran Desert wildlife is abundant in Pima County! Find a park or trail near you where you can enjoy watching some of our fascinating wild neighbors. Admission is always free (although a few sites require you to request a permit beforehand).

    Mule Deer - Doris Evans
    Mule Deer - Doris Evans 
    Blue Winged Teal - Doris Evans
    Blue Winged Teal - Doris Evans
    Desert Spiny Lizards - Doris Evans
    Desert Spiny Lizards - Doris Evans

    Habitat: Where to See Wildlife in Pima County Parks

    Thanks to the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, we have preserved a wide diversity of habitats within Pima County - which means many opportunities to view different types of plants and animals in our community. Walk among the lush riparian cottonwoods at Cienega Creek. Stroll through the picturesque saguaro forest of Tucson Mountain Park. Visit the ponds and wetlands of Canoa Ranch, Agua Caliente Park, or the Santa Cruz River to look for waterfowl and dragonflies. Watch clouds of Brazilian free-tailed bats emerge from under local bridges at dusk in the summer. Keep your eyes peeled for beautiful lizards and stunning snakes, which can be found almost anywhere.

    Whatever you are into, Pima County has a place for you to explore. Get out there and enjoy the show!



     Habitat Type(s)


     Great for Seeing...


     Special Features

    Agua Caliente Park   Wetland, Low Desert   Fan Palms, Birds, Lizards, Fish, Turtles, Frogs   Gila Topminnow and other endangered fish; Agua Caliente Park Bird Checklist
    Historic Canoa Ranch - Raul M. Grijalva Conservation Park   Wetland, Cienega, Low Desert   Birds, Lizards, Fish, Butterflies, Dragonflies    
    Tucson Mountain Park   Low Desert   Lizards, Deer, Javelina, Birds    
    Sweetwater Preserve

      Low Desert        
    Cienega Creek Natural Preserve   Riparian   Cottonwood Trees, Small Mammals, Birds    Free permit needed
    Kino Environmental Restoration Project (KERP)

       Wetland, Low Desert   Wading Birds, Racoons    
    Colossal Cave Mountain Park and Colossal Cave

      Dry Cave, Low Desert, Grassland   Coati, Bats, Birds   Cave entrance requires tickets from concessioner ($)
    Feliz Paseos Park

      Low Desert   Birds, Lizards   Accessibility designed park
    Pima Prickly Park

      Low Desert, Cactus Garden   Wide variety of cactus, Birds, Lizards    
    Arthur Pack Regional Park

     Catalina Regional Park

     Santa Cruz River Park

      Julian Wash Greenway

     Cañada Del Oro River Park            
     Pantano River Park

     Rillito River Park

     Tortolita Mountain Park

    red tail hawk


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