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  • Pima County celebrates Walk ‘n’ Roll to School Day April 6

    Mar 29, 2018 | Read More News
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    Thousands of children will be walking and biking to approximately 50 schools throughout Pima County as part of the County’s Walk ‘n’ Roll to School Day Friday, April 6. Motorists should be aware that more students and families will be out in numbers discovering healthy, car-free ways to get to school. 

    Pima County sponsors the annual event to encourage active ways for children to get to school and to improve air quality and safety around schools and neighborhoods. 
    Kids walking to school
    “It’s always exciting to see schools engaging in this beneficial event for our community and our families,” said Ignacio Rivera de Rosales, a bicycle and pedestrian educator with Pima County.

    “Safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and all who share our sidewalks and streets is paramount for this day and every day.”

    Pima County provides prizes and incentives to the schools including kick scooters, pencils and color posters to promote the event. 

    Many participating schools also receive special bicycle and/or pedestrian safety training from Pima County. The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Air Program also assists with this popular event by being available to provide educational and engaging school presentations about air quality, the environment, and the benefits to reducing motor vehicle trips and engine idling for the health of the community. 

    There are many benefits to using active modes of transportation, such as walking, bicycling, or riding a scooter or skateboard. Consistent physical activity can reduce obesity, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Walking and biking also reduces traffic congestion around schools and provides family members and neighbors with an opportunity to connect and socialize and teach traffic safety tips to children. 

    For more information on Pima County’s celebration of Walk ‘n’ Roll to School Day, email Ignacio Rivera de Rosales or call him at 520-789-6947. 

    For information on the international event and creative ideas for planning your school’s event, visit the Walk and Bike to School website.