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Disasters may be contained and only affect smaller communities, or they may affect the entire county.  Regardless of the impact it is the whole community that can make a difference in how well people respond and recover.

Here are some things you can do to increase community preparedness and whole community resiliency:
Give blood - Visit the Red Cross website or 1-800-REDCROSS to make an appointment to donate blood today. Save a life.

Donate money to an established disaster relief organization like the Red Cross or World Care. Take care when selecting recipients for your donations as scammers often take advantage of disasters to solicit funds that never reach those who need them. 

Join or start a Neighborhood Watch group. Neighborhood Watch programs help keep communities safe by encouraging citizens to be active and aware.  For information about Neighborhood Watch programs or for information on starting your own group consult the your local Police Department, Marana Police Department, Oro Valley Police Department, Sahuarita Police Department, South Tucson Police DepartmentTucson Police Department , or the
Pima County Sheriff's Department

Get to know your neighbors. Find out if anyone has specialized equipment like a power generator, or expertise such as medical knowledge that might help in a crisis. Make arrangements to check on your neighbor's home or pets if one of you is away when a disaster strikes.

Faith-based communities have long been relied on to serve locally in times of need.  Consider joining the disaster team from your place of worship, or making a donation to support their mission.

Facilitate awareness in your workplace and among your community groups.  There are many resources available to you online like, or contact the Office of Emergency Management for assistance.
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