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  • Supervisors OK donation of Canoa Hills Golf Course

    Apr 17, 2018 | Read More News
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    The Pima County Board of Supervisors at its April 17 meeting voted 4-1 to accept the donation of Green Valley’s Canoa Hills Golf Course for conversion into a natural resource park to be managed by the Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department through an intergovernmental agreement with the County’s Regional Flood Control District (RFCD).

    Feliz Paseos ParkDuring physical inspection of the property, County officials determined they will need to make several improvements to the 130-acre course, including:
    • Removal of deteriorated asphalt pathways that connect the existing concrete golf cart path and replace these with concrete; 
    • Grading, contouring and other surface modifications to eliminate erosion damage and develop large water harvesting areas to begin native plant restoration; and
    • Demolition of three nonfunctional restrooms and replacement with at least two public ADA-complaint restrooms to be installed near the existing surface parking lot on the former driving range and at another location easily accessible by the public.
    Estimated cost to remove the deteriorated asphalt, demolish the restrooms and create the water harvesting areas is approximately $90,000. Since approximately 70 percent of the donated property lies in a regulated 100-year-old floodplain, the entire property will be conveyed to the RFCD. However, since only 70 percent lies within a regulatory floodplain, the cost for the repairs would be paid, 70 percent by the RFCD Tax Levy and 30 percent by the County General Fund. 

    County officials estimate the annual operating and maintenance cost will be less than $100,000 per year and, again, divided proportionately between the RFCD Tax Levy and the General Fund. 

    The cost to build the two restrooms is approximately $150,000 each. The County will begin appropriate planning and engineering for these restrooms and solicit community and corporate donations, as well as provide appropriate naming rights for a corporate beneficiary who would donate sufficient funds to build a public restroom. 

    Flood Control will have 120 days following approval by the Board to finalize due diligence, including but not limited to acquisition and review of a survey by the American Land Title Association and updated title commitment.

    Photo caption: Canoa Hills Golf Course will be converted to a natural resources park similar to Feliz Paseos Park (pictured).