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    Healthy Pima LogoHealthy Pima is Pima County’s community health task force of individuals, public, community, and business organizations that have joined forces to improve community health by mobilizing resources, increasing awareness, promoting change, and taking collective action.

    Members of Healthy Pima are representatives of healthcare, behavioral health, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, faith-based services, education, employers, unions, tribal nations, and philanthropy and have worked together to improve the health status of the Pima County community since 2010.

    Every three years, a Community Health Needs Assessment is conducted to identify the county’s priority health issues. The assessment utilizes health data, such as mortality and disease rates, coupled with direct input from hundreds of community members and leaders to prioritize the county’s most pressing health issues that become the focus of health planning efforts. The county’s current priority health issues include: 
    • Access to care
    • Mental and behavioral health
    • Substance use disorder
    • Social determinants of health
    mTo address these priority health issues, Healthy Pima works with task forces and coalitions that work diligently to formulate action plans with goals, strategies, and objectives that outline how each group will collaboratively focus efforts and resources. Collectively, these actions plans are used as the foundation for the county’s Community Health Improvement Plan.

    As a living document, the Community Health Improvement Plan is flexible and can accommodate changes and updates as needed. The plan is reassessed and updated annually to best address the health needs of the community. 

    If you or your organization is interested in partnering with Healthy Pima and want to align efforts, please visit our website at: www.HealthyPima.com or e-mail us at HealthyPima@pima.gov

    • CODAC Collaboration: The CODAC Collaboration is part of the substance use disorder group that works to increase access to substance misuse and mental health services for residents of Pima County, through improved access, referral, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

    • Pima County Suicide Prevention Task Force

    For information on meeting dates and times, please visit: www.HealthyPima.com 

    Involvement in Healthy Pima offers opportunities to network with other organizations and increased visibility as a community leader. Additionally, Healthy Pima engagement can increase awareness of community resources and create opportunities to share best practices and evidence-based approaches to tackling complex public health issues in Pima County.

    If you are interested in participating in the Healthy Pima initiative please click here to learn more:

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    Healthy Pima

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    E-Mail: HealthyPima@pima.gov

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