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  • Conditional Use Application and Process

    What is a Conditional Use?

    A Conditional Use is a limited commercial type of use  that is generally compatible and suitable within a residential or commercial zone which may potentially have a negative impact to a surrounding or nearby property owner.  Because of the potential impacts to surrounding property owners, public hearings (meetings) are required for approval.  Conditional Uses are specific uses that are named in the individual zoning classifications and list whether the use is a Type I, Type II, or Type III process.  A Type I Conditional Use has one public hearing, a Type II Conditional Use has two public hearings, and a Type III Conditional Use has three public hearings. 

    How do I submit a Conditional Use Application?

    1.  Prepare and provide the following documents for electronic submittal OR   applications may be   
         submitted in person: 

    2.    Submit the electronic documents to OR  bring the application package to the 1st
            floor Planning Division.
    3.    Pay the fee in accordance with Table 1 - Public Hearing, Review & Processing Fees,
            item 26 for Type I CU, item 27 for Type II CU or item 28 for a Type III CU. A continuance request from the                      applicant may incur fee item 22.  Each required public hearing will.  For electronic submittal, a record will be                opened and an email containing an invoice with the record number for making payment through the 
            online payment portalwill be sent to the applicant.                

    What is the process for a Conditional Use request?

      Once the application and required information has been submitted, staff will: 

      • Post the property with the conditional use request notice and mail notices to all properties within three hundred feet up to one-thousand feet, fifteen days or more, prior to the public hearing. 
      • At least one up to three public hearing meetings will be held on the case where staff will provide a staff report and a recommendation of approval/denial.
        • The applicant/representative will present information as to the need for the request and discuss the proposal
        • Any member of the public may appear to address the hearing body in support of or objection to the request
        • The applicant/representative will have an opportunity to respond to any issues raised during the public hearing

      Will my Conditional Use request be approved?

      Following the conclusion of staff's report and any public testimony, the hearing body will close the public hearing and make a motion and vote to: 
      • Approve the request
      • Approve the request with added conditions
      • Deny the request
      • Continue the request for a period that may not extend three months. A continuance may be requested by the applicant, neighboring property owners or by the hearing body. This could be for more information to be obtained or to provide an opportunity for the applicant and neighboring property owners time to meet.

      The hearing body will make a decision based upon the standards outlined in the Pima County Zoning Code, Section 18.93.030 

      What are the Time Limits associated with an approved Conditional Use Permit?

      • A permit must be applied for within nine months from the date of approval or the conditional use will expire
      • A 12-month time extension may be approved through a public hearing (50% of fees)
      • A conditional use permit remains valid unless the use is discontinued for more than twelve months

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      Development Services Planning Division

      (520) 724-9000

      Thomas Drzazgowski 
      Chief Zoning Inspector

      Nicholas Coussoulis
      Senior Planner

      Location of Meetings

      Public Works Building
      Meeting Room "C", Basement
      201 N. Stone Ave.
      Tucson, AZ 85701