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  • Hot temps on the way; PACC shares tips to keep Fido cool

    May 03, 2018 | Read More News
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    keep pets indoorsWith triple-digit heat only days away Pima Animal Care Center encourages community members and pet owners to take extra precautions to keep their pets safe and cool during the summer months ahead.  

    “Our typical summer heat can pose a deadly threat for humans and animals alike,” said PACC Director Kristen Auerbach. “Dogs and cats depend on cool, shaded or indoor areas and access to drinking water to survive.”

    Every year, PACC’s Animal Protection Service officers respond to hundreds of calls involving pets suffering from heat-related illness and death because they were left outdoors, in a vehicle, or in another situation that put them at risk. In most cases, these situations can be avoided by following these easy tips:
    • Keep pets indoors: there’s no better place to avoid the heat. 
    • Keep them hydrated: provide clean, cool drinking water in an easily accessible, spill-proof container. 
    • Provide shade: ensure your pet has all-day access to a shaded spot with good air flow. For dogs with longer coats, even shaded spots can be too hot during 100 degree plus temps. 
    • Protect their paws: walk your pet in the early morning or in the evening when the asphalt has cooled down and won’t burn their paws. Place the back of your hand on the ground for five seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet’s paw pads. 
    • Don’t leave them inside a car: even with the windows cracked, the interior temperature can become deadly within just a couple of minutes. 
    For more pet safety tips, visit PACC’s Facebook page throughout the month of May as shelter staff share heat awareness information and fun ideas to keep pets cool.