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  • Board OKs Richard’s Plea for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    Mar 19, 2013 | Read More News
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    Richard’s resolution calling for Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform in its current session won unanimous Board of Supervisors approval today.

    Pima County has the longest border with Mexico of any county in the United States and has experienced hundreds of thousands of immigrants crossing its border in recent decades, most of them seeking jobs that would provide at least the basic necessities for their families. Thousands have perished in our desert in quest of jobs, or to reunite with loved ones. The more numerous survivors, many of them undocumented, constitute a critical segment of our economy and make vital contributions to our culture and to our public institutions.

    The system now in place, which has created a bristling and deadly militarized zone near our border that also destroys wildlife habitat, clearly is not working in a manner consistent with the values of the United States, a nation dominated by immigrants and with an abiding respect for nature.

    Richard’s resolution calls for Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform that provides a path to full citizenship for undocumented immigrants who are law-abiding taxpayers and want to be citizens; that allows for immigrants and their family members to enter our country in a safe, legal and orderly manner; that adjusts immigration-law enforcement so it comes into accord with our nation’s values.

    President Obama and leading Senators and Congressmen from both major parties have vowed to work together toward a comprehensive package of immigration-policy reforms. Richard’s resolution supports that effort and highlights the need for it to move forward in a timely fashion.