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Many people do not associate Arizona with flooding, but a 2017 analysis determined that Pima County was the eighth deadliest county in the nation for flood related deaths in the preceding 20 years. That normally dry wash on your property or roadway could present a very real danger to you in times of floods. These floods can happen any time of the year - during a heavy summer monsoon storm, or during a long, slow winter storm. Flash floods can occur many miles away from the storm event that causes them.Rescue

Do not drive around a barricade. Barricades are there for your protection. If you come to a flooded roadway, STOP! The depth of water is not always obvious and the roadbed may have washed away under the flowing water. It only takes one foot of flowing water to sweep most vehicles downstream; low profile vehicles move more easily. Fast flowing water greatly increases the risk.

You can monitor the District's network of rain gages and stream gages in real time on your computer by using our mobile app. Go to the Precipitation and Streamflow page for more details and access to the maps.

MyAlerts Flood Alert Messaging

The Pima County Office of Emergency Management has made it possible through a system called MyAlerts for the Regional Flood Control District to provide near-real-time flood alerts to Pima County residents within certain watersheds. The MyAlerts Flood Alert Messaging webpage provides information about MyAlerts and information specific to the covered watersheds.

Floods Follow Fires

Wildfires raise your flood risk by leaving the ground charred, barren, and unable to absorb water. That means even light rain can potentially turn into a financially devastating flash flood or mudflow and can occur with very little warning. This increased runoff may continue for several years after an area has burned and until vegetation is reestablished.

Debris flows are a common occurrence after an area has burned. As water runs downhill through burned areas, it can create erosion and undercut previously stable areas which causes large amounts of burned material (ash, sand, silt, rocks, trees) to become loose. As water and the material begin to move, the risk of damage to downhill areas increases. 

Due to the topography and proximity to mountainous areas in Pima County, there is sometimes little to no warning of impending flash floods or debris flows in the event of moderate to heavy rainfall. Plan ahead and take any emergency steps necessary to protect your life before it is too late. Create a flood safety plan that includes a route to safety in the event of flooding, and a plan for sheltering in place if no safe route exists. For more information please visit the District's Floods Follow Fires webpage.

Flash Flood Virtual Reality

(Content used with permission from the Clark County (Las Vegas) Regional Flood Control District)
We are driving you through a virtual reality flood so you never try it yourself in actual reality. Be dazzled by a near-death flash flood experience in real time virtual reality. No headset required. 

VRFLOOD - A 360VR Flood Experience
Warning: Some people may experience motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort while viewing virtual reality content. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using immediately and remove the VR headset, or close your app.

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