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  • Money and air saving tips for Memorial Day

    May 23, 2018 | Read More News
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    There are easy ways to save money and reduce air pollution while enjoying the upcoming holiday. Simple actions can add up to big benefits to air quality and our wallets. grill
    • Since the largest single source of air pollution in Pima County is caused by motor vehicle use, carpooling and combining trips over the holidays are great ways to save gas, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and keep the air healthy.
    • Avoid engine idling as much as possible. Idling a total of 10 minutes a day can create 340 pounds of air pollution a year. Consider parking and going inside, instead of waiting in drive-thru lines.
    • When you need to drive, check the tire pressure before hitting the road. Riding on properly inflated tires will improve gas mileage, stopping distance, and vehicle handling. Find the correct tire pressure for your vehicle on the driver’s door jam, the glove box, or the owner’s manual.
    • Stop at the click when refueling to avoid gas spills and the release of fumes into the air. In addition, stopping at the click prevents overtaxing your car’s vapor collection system. Refuel after 6 p.m. because gasoline fumes contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone pollution.
    • Make sure to tighten your gas cap until it clicks to keep gasoline vapors in the tank where they belong. It will save you money and reduce air pollution.
    • Avoid charcoal lighter fluid when starting the BBQ. Charcoal chimneys are easy to use, last for years, and eliminate the need for pollution-forming, yucky tasting, hazardous lighter fluid. 
    • Shop for locally-grown food when available. Supporting local farming is beneficial in many ways and reduces transportation-caused air pollution from foods that are shipped long distances.
    • Compost leftover fruits and veggies to form a rich soil enhancer for your plants.
    • Reduce waste by purchasing reusable plates, utensils, tablecloths and napkins. Thrift stores have great deals on tableware and other items and eliminate pollution associated with the manufacturing and transport of newly made items.
    By incorporating these tips into your holiday plans, you will save money, increase safety in your car and around your home, and keep the air healthier to breathe. For more information on conserving money and the environment, visit www.pima.gov/deq.